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What is a Career

The question ‘What is a career’ is one of the most frequently asked questions on the internet right now, and with good reason. The emphasis on building and sustaining a career has not been higher ever in history before. It is quite common to see people working themselves for extremely long hours of time for this reason. However, this brings up the question yet again – what is a career?

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It actually has two definitions. It is often used to refer to an occupation, trade, vocation, or profession. It is defined as what you do for a living, and it can range from those that need extensive education and training to those that can be performed with just a high school diploma and an interest to learn. It means working as a teacher signature, carpenter, doctor, veterinary assistant, cashier, teacher, hairstylist, or electrician.

It also has another definition. It also refers to the progress a person could have taken throughout the years of their life, especially because they relate to occupation. It is comprised of the different jobs they have held, the titles they have earned, and the work that they have accomplished over a long period of time. In this context, a career includes things that are related to career development, including the choice of profession and advancement. A single career can have a variety of different paths.

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