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What are the Four Characteristics of Modern Historiography

What are the Four Characteristics of Modern Historiography

Historiography refers to the study of the methods used in the development of history as an academic discipline, and by extension,  any body of historical work on a certain subject. The historiography of a certain subject covers historians who have studied that topic using sources, techniques, and theoretical approaches. Scholars often discuss historiography as separate topics, for example, the historiography of the United Kingdom, WWII, the British Empire, and China among others. It also discusses different genres and approaches, such as political and social history. Starting in the 19th century, with the development of academic history, there developed a body of historiographic literature.

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Now that you have a general understanding of what the subject deals with, it is time to address the elephant in the room – what are the four characteristics of modern historiography?

Contemporary historiography leans more towards the analysis of how history used to be and is being recorded. The answer to this question of what the four characteristics of historiography are is below:

  1. Rationality – Being in the modern era, the research is now scientific and unbiased. 
  2. Proof Reading – Finding sources is easy with modern technology. 
  3. Growth of Knowledge – With new research, the field of historiography has today become a vast subject. 
  4. Change of Views – Prospect of viewing history has changed with the evolution of ideas and knowledge. 

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