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West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education (WBCHSE) is an autonomous examination body established in 1975. It is responsible for administering Standard XII exams for affiliated public and private schools in Bengal. It is responsible for improving and promoting education in the state.

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WBCHSE organizes an exam for all the students of class 12 called the annual West Bengal  Secondary School Exam Set in which more than eight lakh students participate across the state. It is a step towards higher education for young people aged 16 to 18. The board has worked tirelessly to establish a uniform quality assessment system across the state, encompassing more than 6,800 schools. The work is more difficult in the context of a very competitive and multi-objective environment. It is an important part of the overall education system. West Bengal has the title of being the leader of the modern education system due to the influence of its academic and social missionaries. The board advises the state government on all matters relating to upper secondary education. WBCHSE has the power to direct, supervise and control the state’s upper secondary education. The main functions of the Council are: Periodically assess the educational needs of the State at the upper secondary level and determine the general policy on the development of upper secondary education; curriculum regulations, programs of study to be followed and books to be studied in accredited institutions; undertake the compilation, publication, and sale of textbooks and other books for use in accredited institutions; administer the upper secondary examinations for the Law and publish the results of the science examinations organized by the Board and award certificates and scholarships.

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