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A walkthrough, also referred to as a classroom walkthrough, is a model of professional development for teachers. The practice of classroom observation and feedback, known as clinical supervision, has been one of the most common tools in evaluating teacher performance. However, the extent to which it helps teachers improve their instruction is questionable. This is why the concept of a walkthrough was developed, not as a means of evaluation, but for the purpose of professional development.

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Instructional leadership is crucial to the improvement of learning and teaching and it plays a significant role in student achievement. For schools to adapt and respond, a proper system needs to exist which creates the capacity to collectively process and apply knowledge when it comes to teaching and learning. Learning that takes place within a school is fostered when a group can identify a problem, and create a plan to collectively solve it.

The walkthrough model has been portrayed as an efficient and effective system for collecting data with respect to instructional practices and offering feedback. To be effective, leaders need to spend one-third of their time in classrooms, and when principals spend more time in classrooms, teachers are reported to have a positive perception of the principal. For the purpose of improving teacher quality, leadership is the key. School improvement heavily relies on the working relationship between teachers and instructional leaders. The success of the organization is sustained when the leaders serve as teachers for others.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology