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Waldorf Education

Waldorf education 

Waldorf education is also known as Steiner education. It is based on the educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner. According to Waldorf education, during the first few years, children learn the most by involving themselves in the environment through unselfconscious imitation of practical activities. The overall focus of Waldorf education is the development of children. It is very beneficial for children. Waldorf students perform better than their peers.

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The main goal of this education is to educate the child completely from the brain, hands, and heart. The purpose is to inspire life-long learnings in all students and help them to fully enable them to develop all the capacities. It develops the child not only academically but also as a whole. It is best for children because brain development occurs at different speeds for each child. It is based on experiential learning. Many students are sent to Waldorf school to become good competitors. This method of education is based on a keen awareness of child and human development and seeks to educate the child as a whole person. 

It creates an enhanced note making environment that allows freedom of play and lets your child unfold at his or her speed. It takes away all the pressure on children.  It also helps to overcome fears. They do not give homework till the 4th class. It is expensive comparatively. Waldorf is secular. All are taught equally. Waldorf first originated in Germany. These schools are good for children!

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