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What is a virtual classroom?

What is a virtual classroom?

A virtual classroom is an online education space where the student can communicate and access quality education from teachers in real-time through the internet. It provides live interaction between the student and the teacher as they are engaged in some or the other learning activity online.

It provides an opportunity for the teacher and student to communicate and interact beyond their traditional classroom, over the internet.

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A virtual setup presents amazing opportunities for the students, as it has the capability of breaking physical barriers. It has also proven to support time management and improve an individual’s digital skills. However, the use of virtual classroom technology and an internet connection is mandatory to be in a virtual classroom.

The common tools of a virtual setup can be audio conferencing, video conferencing, shared online whiteboard, online presentation slides, interactive live chatbox, a syllabus, a library that is a compilation of all the lessons and material, teacher control, and tools for maintaining discipline in the class.

A virtual classroom has similar aspects to that of web-conferencing but isn’t the same, as it has some additional features. For example, the teacher’s specific tools and controls can mute and unmute the students, present some slides or a video. It also has an interactive whiteboard that the teacher uses to explain various concepts, just like in the traditional classrooms.

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Introducing the World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology
World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology