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Vocational Courses

Vocational courses enable individuals to acquire skills required for a particular trade. Vocational courses are generally non-academic and are related completely to a certain trade, occupation, or vocation. These courses are designed to impart application-based education where the theoretical and practical aspects are taught hand in hand. 

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Students can opt for short and long-term vocational courses after completing their 10th standard at the end of which they will be awarded a diploma. There is a variety of courses for students to choose from. Vocational training courses have diversified quite a lot, providing a much wider scope for students who want to try something different after high school. They are offered by several institutes, colleges, and government-aided institutions

These courses are offered in fields including but not limited to cosmetics, creative fields like graphic and web designing, food technology, health care, etc. They are also provided for trades that require skilled labor such as automotive repair, heating, and air conditioning, plumbing, etc. some of the most popular vocational training courses are given below: 

Hotel Management – Hotel Management requires the student to be passionate about cooking and related service. Students who want to pursue such a career can opt for the hotel management field. There are a lot of colleges across the globe that offers Diploma in Hotel Management, some having specializations. 

Diploma in Graphic Designing/Web Designing – Students who are into creativity and art can excel at graphic designing as well as web designing. Today the scope for graphic design is so high that people who are interested in it can make a lot of money without even a degree in it. 

Acting – Acting is another extremely popular diploma course that is evergreen. Acting courses are usually taken by people who are extremely involved in cinema or aspire to in the future. There are a lot of acting schools set up all across the world. 

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