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Vocabulary Meaning

Vocabulary meaning is important to know since the term is used quite a lot in English. So let us get into what vocabulary meaning is. 

A vocabulary is a set of familiar words within the language that a person uses for communication. A vocabulary, generally developed with age, is used as a fundamental tool for communication and acquiring knowledge. Having an extensive vocabulary is one of the biggest challenges in learning a second language.

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There are different types of vocabulary:

  • Reading vocabulary – This refers to all the words recognized when reading. Reding vocabulary s usually the amplest, as new words are more commonly encountered when reading rather than when listening.
  • Listening vocabulary – This comprises the words that are recognized when listening to speech. When coming across an unfamiliar word while listening, the speaker’s tone, gestures, the topic of discussion, and the context of the conversation can help convey the meaning.
  • Speaking vocabulary – This consists of the words used in speech and is a subset of the listening vocabulary. Since speech is spontaneous in nature, words are often slightly misused unintentionally, but facial expressions and tone of voice can help in compensating for the same. 
  • Writing vocabulary – A person’s written vocabulary is usually limited by preference and context: a writer may prefer a particular educator synonym over another, and they will be unlikely to use technical vocabulary related to a subject they have no interest in or knowledge of.

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