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Virtual Classroom Software

A virtual classroom is a type of classroom that allows for an online learning environment and encourages live real-time interactions between faculty and students. The technology has now become a part of the broader learning management. Virtual classroom software aims at creating online courses and tutorials and arranging live online classes. It allows the administration, evaluation, documentation, tracking, and reporting, which comes under learning management systems.

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It is also helpful in online meetings, live group classes, and individual one-on-one tutoring sessions. With this learning procedure, educators or instructors can manage the students’ record-keeping and learning tasks. They can also administer tests and assignments while tracking the student’s progress.

Virtual classroom software can be accessed easily through various digital devices. The students and teachers can attend live online classes with their phones, tablets, laptops, or computers. 

Virtual classroom software allows all forms of learning. May it be synchronous, asynchronous, online, or blended learning. It is an integral part of the learning management system(LMS) and can be proved as an ultimate learning experience for the instructors as well as the students or trainees. Virtual classroom software helps in delivering lectures or sessions smoothly. As the software is state of the art live which is an online training classroom. It helps both parties with live video for interaction and screen sharing. The software also has multiple interactive whiteboards, markup annotation tools, file and document sharing, and a crystal clear audio facility for meaningful interaction between the students and the teachers. This set of tools aims in providing a live interaction professionally.

Virtual classroom software aids in attending the classroom from the comfort of your home and easily tracks the learning progress. It also helps in creating an immersive learning experience with virtual classes. This virtual software is designed for online training and teaching over the internet. It is an online platform that showcases the work which is done in a real classroom.

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Introducing the World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology
World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology