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Virtual Class Meaning

Virtual class meaning-it is an online mode of learning, similar to a physical classroom, where the learning takes place online. Internet-based learning happens in a virtual classroom where the knowledge is shared and the learning takes place. The students can actively participate in the class via discussions through chat or by virtually talking through the video call. This real-time online learning or eLearning facilitates the ease of locations and offers varied learning for children across different places. 

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A virtual classroom is a space that helps teachers collaborate with their students while they participate in various learning exercises. Virtual classrooms are significantly different from normal, traditional classrooms. However, the advancement of technology has helped to create online teaching-learning experiences that are seamless and efficient.

Meetings, discussions, teaching, playing games, or undertaking competitive exams are all possible through the medium of a virtual class. The students can keep their videos and audios on for more active learning. They can also communicate with their peers in this process. There are many features that are now available in virtual / video calling applications. Some of them include chats, breakout rooms, sharing screens, and putting up a slide show. Virtual class meaning is often confused with virtual reality. There are many advantages to a virtual classroom. The main advantage of virtual classrooms is the availability and flexibility that it offers. It is accessible, anytime, anywhere. This availability that virtual classrooms provide, ensures relaxation for educational institutions, tutors, and students alike. The flexibility that virtual classrooms provide helps to ensure quality and efficiency.‌‌

In a virtual class, the teacher can separate the students into different breakout rooms which are independent of other rooms. Each room can contain a particular number of students who can be given a specific task. By the end of the time, each group can discuss, and these subgroups can individually participate in the class. It is important to choose the right virtual classroom app. Have an understanding about what your requirements are and ensure to choose an app that is easy and effective.

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