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Video API

A video API (Application Interface) helps you create, store, and deliver videos to your audiences. It is an application programming interface that enables you to connect to your audiences through interactive videos. Moreover, it also allows you to retrieve analytics about the video. In addition, video APIs provide flexibility to developers. 

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Sometimes, a video API can only handle a single feature. For example, an API may only focus on live streaming your content. However, if you want an end-to-end experience from your selected API, you must focus on these features:

  • Livestreaming

A live streaming API offers transcoding, video security, delivery, and storage. 

  • Video on demand

A video API with this feature helps you secure your video. For example, you may change your video mode from private to public using the video-on-demand feature. Moreover, you can add captions and chapters to your video using this feature. 

  • Video playback

It is crucial for playing a video in a browser or a mobile device. You may download the video on your device using this feature. Moreover, it also adjusts video resolution and helps in autoplay. 

  • Analytics 

You can use video tech analytics to understand what a viewer liked in your content. For example, you may know which part is played maximum times. Moreover, you can create personalized content experiences for your viewers. For instance, if a viewer likes content on food blogs, you may suggest similar content to them. 

Many video APIs only handle one or two features. Therefore, it is vital to look at all these features before using an API. To know more about video APIs, you may click here.

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