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Vice Provost Academic

Provost refers to the Chief Academic Officer of an institution. A Vice Provost Academic is a title that is given to someone who is in charge of planning, leading, and implementing all the major academic activities for all other faculty members. This person is also in charge of curating strategic planning and advice for all areas and topics that may affect or concern the university.

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 Areas such as online learning or e-Learning, academic integrity, university ethics, as well as experiential learning, all come under the responsibility of the Vice Provost, and he/she is known to closely work with the university’s center for learning and teaching. They support the university policies and look after the changes in academic curriculums if any. There also are Provost Deans, who are supported by Vice Provosts to assist them in searches, positions, and recommendations. They report directly to the Dean about all the details of the academic structure, the core programs, academic activities, and everything else under the umbrella of Academics in the university/ school. 

For example, a Vice Provost, Academic can decide how the students will undergo the electives and core subjects in a particular semester. He/she can also choose how many credits they need to finish in their course of study. 

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