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The vice principal of a school is the assistant computer education manager who manages the school activities. The primary responsibility of the vice principal is to assist the school principal in daily administrative tasks. They may be the only staff member with this ability, or there can be many in a school depending on the size of the school.

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If a person wants to apply for this job, they must demonstrate leadership qualities, determination, confidence, and strong decision-making skills. Because their jobs involve a wide range of duties, the vice-principal in school must have excellent interpersonal, organizational, and problem-solving skills. The ideal vice-principal shows a desire and ability to work with students. This job is a rewarding career option, but it can also be stressful and involves many day-to-day tasks. Work schedules of more than 40 hours per week are common, as assistant principals act as mentors and advisors to students and conduct meetings with parents in addition to daily administrative duties. The principal duties of the vice principal are to help formulate and apply policies and guidelines to the school’s students, staff, and faculty. This involves interaction with school staff and administrators as well as with district school boards at the state level. Thus, they are heavily involved in formulating their school’s goals and defining goals for instruction and after-school programs. The range of their administrative duties may include certifying and hiring teachers and staff. Many such professionals start as a teacher and then progress to achieve this position in the school. 

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