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क्रिया किसे कहते हैं – Verbs in Hindi

क्रिया किसे कहते हैं
क्रिया किसे कहते हैं is one of the most searched questions on the internet. क्रिया can simply be known as any action or completion of task by an individual. For example- Ram is throwing the ball. In this sentence, throwing is an action or क्रिया. Here are a few more examples that will help you in understanding क्रिया किसे कहते हैं in a better way-

  • Ramesh is throwing the football.
  • Vimala accepted the job offer.
  • Sundar thought about his stupid mistake in the test.
  • Manish visited his friend for a while and then went home.
  • The dog ran across the yard.
  • Rani left in a hurry.
  • Soham yelled when she hit her toe.
  • The cat sat by the window.
  • I’ll play other song on my guitar.
  • Rajiv hit a home run at the last game.
  • In the summer, Soni will swim in our pool.
  • Will you help me with the laundry, Karan?
  • Bunty rode his new bike around the block for hours.
  • The horse trotted along the trail.
  • We ate dinner then walked around the park.
  • Did you fix the mistake in your homework?
  • Agara waited for her friend at the mall.

Thank you and happy learning.

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