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Uses of Concave Mirror

Uses of Concave Mirror 

There are several uses of concave mirror in daily life. The reflecting texture of a concave mirror is also learned as a converging mirror, bends inwards, away from the occurrence light. Concave mirrors are helpful in a variety of situations. Uses of concave mirror include directing an aircraft during docking, as a torch to indicate light rays, and while shaving to establish an erect and magnified impression of the face. Read about science projects in school.

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Light is evaluated internally by concave mirrors, resulting in a single focal point. Depending on the length between the mirror and the object, a concave mirror will produce numerous image types. Due to its reflective and curved surface, concave mirrors are most typically employed in shaving. Astronomical telescopes also come under one of the uses of concave mirror to focus on the objects in space. The objective of an astronomical telescope is a mirror that bulges inwards with a diameter of at least 5 meters. Concave mirrors are generally required as reflectors in automotive and motor vehicle headlights, torches, and railway locomotives, among other things. Because the light source is situated near the mirror’s focal juncture, the light rays are reflected and travel over a large length as parallel high-intensity light shafts.

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