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It is important to know the history of UPPSC. One of the main demands of the political movement was the Indianization of senior civil servants, and the Government of India in the United Kingdom began to consider establishing a civil servant committee. The Government of India Act of 1935 first provided for the establishment of a public services committee at the state level. On April 1, 1937, the Uttar Pradesh Civil Service Commission, based in Prayagraj, was established.

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The Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission 1976 regulates the activities of the Commission. The Uttar Pradesh Public Services Commission is a government agency responsible for managing civil service examinations for entry-level positions in the public services of numerous groups A and  B in Uttar Pradesh. The Constitution of India provides for the constitution of government agencies. Part XIV, entitled Services between Unions and States, contains Articles 315 and 323 to establish a Union and State Civil Service Commission. The UPPSC eligibility criteria consist of several variables. Eligibility requirements can be found on the official UPPSC official website. A prerequisite for admission to the exam is a relevant bachelor’s degree from an accredited university regulated by the state or federal government. PHD Candidates who are in the final semester or are waiting for results can also enroll in the essay writing exam

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