Library Management
Teachmint provides an efficient library management module that is a one-stop solution to all library needs for an institution. Super admins can enter new resources and maintain the existing database with ease. Enhance the library experience of your students with customized library management software with Teachmint. Manage, track and accomplish your library tasks operations with just a few clicks. With the Library module, the super admin can manage huge stocks of books as per their ISBNs, assign books to students, change the status, as in when the book is returned, search for books from their entries in just two clicks using our global library search.
How to Use the Library Management Feature -
To manage the library, you can log in to the admin dashboard, then click on library. You’ll be able to see the library dashboard, where you can see your saved books. To add any book, you can click on the ‘Add Book’ option, enter the name of the book and the ISBN along with the Author's name. It can be seen that the book has been added to the dashboard successfully. You can also assign the book to any particular class or student. You will be able to see that the book has been assigned to that particular student. You can also remove the book from the list. Further, when the student returns the book, you can change the status on the site to ‘unassigned’ and make a note. There are options where you can see all books, the assigned books, or the available books. Available books are the ones that are not assigned to any student. There is also a search option where you can search for any book with the title or author name. The super admin can assign librarian rights from the manage user tab. The assigned person will have the access to the library dashboard.
  1. Manage Books and Sections
  2. The library management feature provides users with a listing of all books available in the library. This feature allows searches by keywords or other access points like author, title, racks, or genre. It helps in managing all books in the online library system - be it a request or a return. The library module helps in managing a huge stock of books, research papers, magazines, and other readable as per their ISBNs. With Teachmint, super admins will be able to assign books to students with just a few clicks. Super admins can upload an entire stockpile of books in your library with their unique ISBN. The library management system helps in managing books section-wise.
  3. Manage Book Requests
  4. With Teachmint, manage your book requests. Identify the availability of any particular book. The library module also indicates if the book is presently available or issued by someone. You can also check out the expected date of return. The library management system can be accessed from any location from any laptop/pc/mobile etc. Super admins can change the status as and when the book is returned. Using Teachmint simplifies the procedure of managing book requests from students.
Benefits of library management
  1. Saves Time
  2. Using Teachmint helps in issuing and returning books, thus it saves time in searching for those particular books and avoiding long queues within the library. Saves time for manual work for data entry. It simplifies the tasks of the librarian for running all book-related queries for library management.
  3. Better Management of Course Material
  4. Rather than manually keeping a track of all the course material, including, reports, books, papers, etc, the library management system would help the admins easily sort it out. For say, there are many kinds of course material, starting from reports, notes, books, and ebooks, therefore, with the library module, institutes can manage and keep them sorted.
  5. Manage Library Functions
  6. With Teachmint, institutes can manage library functions, who is issuing or returning a book or the number of books that the institute has under them. Using the library module simplifies and puts away the workload for the librarian or admins to manually enter the data of each one of the books and the people who have issued it.
  7. Enhances Efficiency
  8. Using the library management system enhances the efficiency as it simplifies the tasks for super admins at one single platform, starting from where they will be able to manage all library functions, namely, issuing a book, returning a book, the name and the author of the book, the number of books that particular institution has access to.
Institute libraries have a huge stock of readable material, starting from books to research papers, magazines, etc. Managing and maintaining the records and keeping them handy at all possible times allows the institutes to use them whenever required. With Teachmint, sort out and operate your institute’s library system.
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