Unit Plan

A unit plan can be defined as a plan created by the selection of learning activities in a particular way as a means of presenting a complete picture. Unit planning is a methodical arrangement of subject matter and involves a series of learning experiences. These experiences are linked to achieving the aims of the unit plan composed of contents and methodology. A unit here can be defined as an assortment of various activities, experiences, and types of learning to revolve around a central problem or purpose that was developed in collaboration by a group of students under the leadership of a teacher. This involves planning, execution of plans, and evaluation of results.

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Unit plans typically follow the same format as a lesson plan, but they cover a complete unit of work, which may take several days or weeks. It is important to note that modern constructivist teaching styles might not require individual lesson plans. It may include specific objectives and timelines. However, lesson plans can be more fluid since they adapt to the needs of the students and their preferred learning styles better. 

Criteria of a Unit Plan

Given below are the criteria for a plan to be a unit plan:

  • The capabilities, interests, and needs of the learner need to be considered.
  • They should be prepared for the psychological knowledge of the learner.
  • The unit plan must provide a new learning experience that is systematic but flexible at the same time.
  • It must be able to sustain the attention of the learner until the very end.
  • It must be related to the social and physical environment of the learner.
  • It must aid in the development of a learner’s personality.

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