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What Is TGT?

Trained Graduate Teacher is the full form of TGT. Teachers who have completed their teaching training are known as TGTs. Graduate training in teacher education is not known as a course. After completing a graduate degree (Bachelor of Education), a person is a TGT (Trained Graduate Teacher). 

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A TGT teacher may teach up to the tenth grade. B.EDs, which are two-year courses, are needed to qualify for the position. In both full-time and distance learning courses, Indian private and governmental institutions offer this course. 

Before applying to the B.ED program, teachers need to take an entrance exam. Likewise, one must graduate from a recognized university or college in one of the required streams. TGT teachers are able to handle a wide variety of children, including those with different personalities, languages, and abilities.

Qualifications Of TGT

TGT teachers are qualified to teach kids in grades below ten, including students in class ten. The parameters that must be met are stated below.

  • In order to apply for the TGT admission exam A, you need a graduate degree from an accredited institution.
  • The maximum age limit for graduate teachers is 35 years old.
  • Teachers with a postgraduate degree and a TGT certification, qualified to teach above the 10th-grade level, are PGTs (Postgraduate Trained Teachers).

Eligibility Criteria For TGT

For the TGT exam eligibility criteria, see the following: 

  • Every aspirant must pass paper II of the CTET test in their respective topic. NCTE board is responsible for this exam, like an entrance exam for every TGT teacher. 
  • Every aspirant should have fluency in both Hindi and English and must be able to teach in those languages. 
  • Aspirants must be holding a bachelor’s degree in education from a recognized university. Before submitting the TGT exam application, the Bachelor’s degree must be completed.
  • Mathematics, history, physics, English, Hindi, Sanskrit, social studies, job experience, art education, physical and health education all fall within the KVS TGT exam qualifying approach. 
  • All the teachers must hold a valid physical education degree as well as five years of art education for their relevant topic from an MHRD-affiliated institution.
  • For being eligible to attain work experience in TGT, every aspirant needs a three-year diploma after they finish high school or a degree in the electronics field from any certified government-approved institution. Aspirants who hold one year of experience in any plant get a higher chance. 
  • Aspirants interested in teaching social science should have a bachelor’s degree in history or geography with a minimum of 50% in other topics such as geography, history, economics, or political science and a minimum aggregate of about 50%. 
  • Those who hold an honors degree in history or geography must have achieved a grade point average of 50 percent or higher in the honors degree and must have studied a subject including political science, economics, history, or geography in their first or second year of graduation.
  • Mathematics teachers at the TGT exam level must hold an honors degree or general degree in Mathematics and possess a 50% aggregate mark in subjects like physics, chemistry, electronics, or computer science during their graduation. A bachelor’s degree in mathematics is the foremost requirement. 
  • A TGT must have an honors degree in the science sector with Botany, Zoology, or Chemistry with 50% marks in the primary subject and 50% on other subjects such as Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, or Zoology Chemistry in graduation.
  • One should have 50% marks in the related subject plus 50% in aggregate in the other two associated subjects to qualify for the TGT exam, English or Hindi or Sanskrit post.
  • Reservation In The TGT Exam

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Reservations and age relaxations are also available for SC, ST, OBC, ex-servicemen, and female candidates. Teachers with physical disabilities may also be eligible for age concessions when recruiting TGTs. There is no age limit for KVS members.

Is TET Compulsory For TGT?

A person must pass the Teacher Eligibility Test, also known as TET, in order to be eligible for an appointment as a teacher for Classes I to VIII. Passing the test is essential for all government teaching jobs in India. Both the central government and the states are responsible for administering the test. Almost every state conducts its own TET.  In accordance with the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009, this test is being conducted to accomplish these goals. Participants in the TET are certified for life.

Indian government schools require the test for teaching positions. The test is administered both by the central government and state governments of India, as well as by individual states. The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009, stipulates that this test is conducted to meet the goals of the law. 


Trained graduate teachers, often known as TGTs, are qualified to teach in any Kendriya Vidyalaya at the secondary school level, and they can also teach in central government institutions. In addition to the syllabus, the candidates can view the exam pattern on the official website of the Commission. 

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