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UTET Preparation Tips

Uttarakhand Teacher Eligibility Test or UTET is a state-level eligibility test conducted by the Uttarakhand State Education Board every year. The test is held to check the eligibility of teachers for classes I-V and VI-VII through two UTET levels 1 and 2, respectively.

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The applicant who passes the examination gets a job in the schools of Uttarakhand. However, it is important to note that a lot of applicants appear in the examination every year and so, the competition is high. But, it can be cracked. The qualifying percentage is high and thus, the candidates need to go through a structured preparation to crack the UTET examination.

Thus, to help you, here are some of the key UTET preparation tips. These will help you to plan out your approach and strategy and ace the examination on the first attempt.

  • Prepare a solid study schedule

It is one of the most common UTET preparation tips, but it is the most important one. If you don’t have a plan in order, you will end up in chaos. Without a schedule, you might not be able to give equal importance to all the subjects and topics.

Thus, it is a good idea to divide your day and allocate an hour to each subject initially. Start the day with your favorite subject to gain confidence and create momentum. Once you have started preparing for a couple of weeks, you will be able to point out the topics that need your proper attention.  

  • Understand the UTET Exam Pattern

It is one of the UTET preparation tips that you have to put into action even before planning a study strategy. Knowing about the pattern prior will help you to prepare accordingly. The question paper of the UTET exam is objective, and there are no negative markings. However, this means that you need to grasp each concept properly to score well.

Also, there are 150 questions in the paper, and each has one mark. And you get 150 minutes to solve the question paper. Thus, you have to work on your time management skills while revising for the UTET exam. The entire question paper is divided into five sections with 30 questions each. Thus, you will have to study each section properly.

Since you have a gist of the UTET exam pattern, you can now have a clear plan of action for your preparation.

  • Read about the UTET syllabus in advance

It is a good idea to read about the syllabus on the official website. The structure and syllabus remain the same but, there might be minor changes. Thus, reading about them before buying your study material is a good idea.

The question paper is bilingual and has English and Hindi as languages. Make sure that you are proficient in both of them. If not, enroll in a class prior. It is one of the UTET preparation tips that you must focus on as most candidates forget to prepare for the language and only give importance to subjects like Science and Mathematics.

  • Choose proper books

There are a lot of reference books available for UTET exam preparation. However, you need to scrutinize the good ones as your performance in the examination will be based on that to some extent. You should prepare from at least one important textbook for each subject. The names of the important textbooks will be mentioned with the UTET syllabus by the official center.

You can even choose to practice from NCERT books of class III to VIII. Some of the good publications are Disha, Arihant, and Upkar Publication. Make sure to at least buy 2 books on the same subject from different publications as that will help you to grasp the concepts properly.

  • Practice quizzes and mock tests

It is one of the most important UTET preparation tips. Start by focusing on the basic concepts of each subject. Once you are done with that, start solving quizzes for each subject regularly. With every passing quiz, you will be able to improve your accuracy as well as performance.

Appear for mock tests after you are done with the entire syllabus at least once. Practicing mock tests regularly is necessary if you want to score good marks in your UTET examination. It will help you to analyze the score of each section and improve your efficiency and preparation rate.


These were some of the key UTET preparation tips. Start preparing in advance as that will give you enough time to revise and revisit the concepts. Dedicate 5 to 6 hours in a day for your UTET exam preparation if you want to pass with good marks on the first attempt.  

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