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TN TET – 5 Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing

The Teachers Recruitment Board (TRB) Tamil Nadu, TN TET is the abbreviation for Tamil Nadu Teachers Eligibility Test. Individuals who wish to take up the roles of Primary and Upper Primary Level teachers in Tamil Nadu must clear this test to be considered eligible for receiving the TET certificate.

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TN TET is divided into two papers, Paper 1 for those who want to teach I-V standard and Paper 2 for those who want to teach classes VI-VIII. The syllabus and eligibility criteria for both paper one and paper 2 are different. All applicants who pass the eligibility test will receive a TN TET certificate with a lifelong validity; earlier, it was valid for seven years.

Qualifying for the TN NET exam can open many gates for you. It can lead you towards a promising and rewarding career. To enjoy all of the privileges of a stable teaching career, candidates must ace the exam by preparing thoroughly for TN TET. This article talks about five common mistakes that individuals make while preparing for the TN TET Exam.

5 Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing For TN TET

1. Counting on previous credentials

Most candidates make the mistake of relying on past credentials. Candidates tend to believe that if they are from reputed colleges or have cracked other competitive exams, they can easily crack the TET exam. Always remember that every exam is unique, and a different set of qualities are evaluated in each. So, aspirants should treat each exam as equally important and prepare effectively.

2. Gathering hordes of study material

This is one of the most common mistakes. A great amount of study material is available in the market, especially for the TET exams, and appearing candidates tend to buy as much study material as they can in hopes of acing the exam. 

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Also, aspirants can find a lot of study material online these days. Aspirants have a habit of hoarding all that online data with them. This habit is useless and a waste of time since it is realistically impossible to study everything at once. It is advised to study from the most suitable and appropriate material and prepare from them alone. 

3. Not taking up a smart study approach.

A large number of candidates fail to qualify for the exam despite seemingly having done everything one can. Imagine studying hard and spending a lot of time practicing sample papers and previous questions papers and still not clearing the exam. The reason is not taking up the right approach. 

An aspirant must know what to study, how to study, and what not to do while preparing for the exam. It is not enough to buy many books; one must know which book is best for the exam. A smart candidate also knows which topics are the most relevant for the exam. Hence, it is advised to study smart.

4. Lack of revision while preparation

Proper revision is the key to successfully clearing an exam. Candidates must do timely revisions. For example, revise a topic at least two-three times before the exam to ensure that you don’t forget it by the time of the exam. Revision helps you remember things that you may have forgotten. A quick revision at the right intervals can guarantee better performance in the TN TET.

5. Not having a good understanding of the syllabus and exam pattern. 

After applying for the TN TET exam, the first step in the preparation process is to go through the official syllabus and the exam pattern thoroughly. Having a good understanding of the syllabus in advance allows the aspirants to plan their preparation strategy smartly and tells them what they have to study to obtain a good score. 

Understanding the exam pattern helps give you an insight into the marking scheme of each section of the exam so that candidates know how much time to spend on each section. Students who are uninformed about these two key aspects may have a hard time cracking the exam.

All the appearing candidates are requested to keep the mistakes mentioned above in mind and try to avoid them at any cost if they want to crack the exam and get recruited as teachers in the schools in Tamil Nadu.

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