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Super TET Preparation Tips

The Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Board conducts the super TET examination for the selection of Government teachers in the prominent colleges and schools in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The candidate can apply for the teacher eligibility test by filling the application form, which is available on the official website of the organization that conducts the entrance examination. 

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To attain the job of a teacher in Uttar Pradesh, candidates will have to successfully pass the super TET examination. The candidates must check the Super TET Eligibility Criteria before applying for the examination. Once the application process is over, candidates can start preparing for the examination by going through the syllabus thoroughly. Here we have mentioned some essential and useful Super TET preparation tips for the candidates.

How to do Super TET preparations? 

Candidates must review their skill level by completing a detailed exam program and overview before beginning their Super TET exam preparation. You need to know your strengths and weaknesses and plan a strategy. For the exam preparation, you must have a firm conviction to prepare well and with sincerity. 

Super TET Preparation Tips

Preparation is the key to passing all exams. As they say, good preparation is half the battle won. So start preparing now and don’t wait until the last minute. We’ve come up with some 

Super TET preparation tips and tricks you can use. 

1. The previous SUPER TET exam question is goto.

It is essential advice for preparing for the SUPER TET exam, as the previous year’s questions will give you an idea of ​​​​the question and a clear idea of ​​how to do it. You can, and it solves these problems. Dealing with previous exam questions is very important and is the best Super TET preparation strategy for taking the TET exam. 

2. Work Analysis 

After solving the previous year’s tasks, you should analyze your work in relation to where you stand, where you are better, and where you are wrong. Improve your grades by solving various mock exams and problems. Then focus on your weaknesses and improve. 

 3. Know What You Know 

Complete all SUPER TET topics and find out what you are good at and what your strengths are. So, focus on the section in which you are an expert. Taking notes while studying is very important for your hard work to pay off. This record serves as a lifesaver in the final moments of exam preparation. 

4. Prioritize your subject/topic

Take the time to prioritize your topics/topics and plan and prepare accordingly. 

5. Practice

Applicants must practice from the previous year’s mock tests and assignments. It will help you be very confident and devote yourself to solving the problem in the specified time. 

Here are some essential tips for taking the Super TET exam. But that’s not all. However, to pass this exam, you must also focus on crucial topics. Let’s discuss some essential parts of the exam. 

Super TET Preparation Tips and Strategies 

The following are preparation strategies for each subject of the Super TET exam. 


This section is significant and challenging because it is based entirely on the best teaching and learning habits. It would be great for aspirants to focus on critical topics such as learning concepts, understanding learner diversity, and the best learning activities and learning processes. The more you practice teaching skills, the better your grades will be. 

Languages ​​(Hindi, English, Sanskrit): 

The questions in this section are primarily based on basic concepts. So to try this section, you need to read it sequentially. Also, answering the questions in this section requires speed and accuracy. Take some handy notes to help you better understand Sanskrit grammar. Some essential topics in this section are the basics of grammar and comprehension. 

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The programs in this section are pretty complex and lengthy. However, the difficulty of the text is easy to medium, so don’t worry. So, read all the formulas and basics of each topic. Compiling formula tables will help you memorize formulas in a short time. Some of the essential issues in this section are number systems, mathematical operations, percentages, measurements, geometry, and statistics. 


You only need to study from the NCERT books. For other topics, you can refer to our extensive collection of online training materials. Important topics in this section are states of matter, forces and energy, light, sound, human body, existence, health, environment, and natural resources. 

Environmental and Social Studies: 

This section focuses on Earth’s structure, traffic, road safety, the solar system, and general geography. You should also study the Indian Constitution, Current Indian Economy, and Issues. 

Logical Knowledge: 

You need to learn some books on reasoning and logic with problems such as symbols and notations, numerical series in cubes, data interpretation, puzzles, sequence, direction tests, binary logic, etc. As a result, you can get faster and solve problems in less time. 

Information Technology:  

You should be familiar with all practical applications used in training. Along with this, basic computer knowledge is required. 

Governance and Competencies: 

An education policy should be formed that focuses on the role of education, motivation, punishment, professional behavior, and politics. 

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