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Preparation Tips for AP TET Exam

The APTET is the Andhra Pradesh State Teacher Eligibility Test, conducted by the Commissioner of School Education and the Government of Andhra Pradesh. It is a mandatory test required for state government teachers at the primary and secondary levels.

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AP TET test is held to select applicants for the teacher position (from Class I to Class VIII) at all the schools in the state (Government, ZP, MP, Municipal, Recognized Private Aided & Private Unaided, and so on). Teachers will be selected in Andhra Pradesh schools using an online test for classes I through V (Category I).

APTET is a competitive test with nearly 4 lakh applicants every year, and only the top 57.5% of candidates are qualified. In this article, the candidates will get extensive information about the Andhra Pradesh State Teacher Eligibility Test and AP TET preparation tips. The article also includes the syllabus for the test, the exam structure, schedules, and more for teaching aspirants to prepare well. 

AP TET Preparation Tips & Tricks

Whenever tests are approaching, it is usual for a candidate to experience exam anxiety. The goal is to maintain your composure and calm. Unfortunately, fear can make it difficult for you to concentrate and focus on preparation, hindering your performance in the exam.

Those who have applied for the AP TET must follow certain preparation tips and tactics in order to get qualifying scores in the exam. Candidates can consider the preparatory advice listed below.

  1. Make a Time Schedule:

Establishing a schedule for test preparation will be highly beneficial to candidates since it will allow them to manage their activities while studying. Within the daily schedule, they can split their time for studies and other activities. Candidates must also devote more time to focus on their weaker sections of expertise. However, it is vital that candidates stick to their schedules without fail and do not procrastinate.

  1. Prefer high-quality learning material: 

It is critical for all applicants to choose the best and most appropriate study material for better exam preparation. They must study the most up-to-date and easy-to-understand resources and information. Further, candidates can gauge the level of their preparation by using sample tests and mock tests.

  1. Use the previous year’s question paper: 

If candidates use the previous year’s question paper, they will be able to obtain a sense of how much time they will need in the examination and will also receive topics that recur every year or so. Therefore, candidates should prepare for the exam by practicing with the previous year’s question papers and taking a mock examination.

  1. Syllabus and Exam Pattern Preferences: 

Awareness about the curriculum and examination patterns released by authorities for applicants is the first and most crucial preparation strategy for the applicants. All of the topics will be available inside the curriculum. The test pattern will also depict how the question paper will be structured. These are the two items that must be prioritized for adequate exam preparation.

  1. Make a few quick notes: 

The candidates should take brief notes from the syllabus to better understand the material. It will be beneficial to them later for quick, last-minute revisions. They may also make the most of their time using these short notes to finish their syllabus preparation. Applicants should review their brief notes a few days before the exam to ensure that they remember all of the answers. Additionally, candidates must continue to review these notes regularly.

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Recommended books for APTET Preparation

We’ve gone through several AP TET preparing tips and methods. Here are a few AP TET books that will assist you in acing your exams. It is just as crucial to understand and prepare for the particular subjects you wish to teach and expertise later in your teaching career. The following are some of the best AP TET books for efficient preparation:

Sr. No.APTET BooksLink to Buy
1..APTET Physical Education Paper-II -B [ TELUGU MEDIUM ]CLICK HERE
2.APTET Child Development and Pedagogy Paper-I & II [ TELUGU MEDIUM ]CLICK HERE
4.APTET Paper-II Part-A for (Classes Vi -VIII) [ TELUGU MEDIUM ]CLICK HERE

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Wrap Up

We’ve gone through a few pointers for preparing for the AP TET exam. Many people wonder if the APTET exam can be passed on the first try, and the answer is yes. If you put in enough work and passion, you can easily pass the test. The study resources will assist you in staying ahead of the competition, but it will be your attention and work that determines your triumph.  

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