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Mizoram TET – Syllabus

What is Mizoram TET?

Mizoram TET is a state-level eligibility test conducted in Mizoram for those candidates who aspire to work as an upper primary or elementary school teacher in government or privately managed schools. Also called MTET, this 3-hour exam is organized by the Mizoram Board of School Education, Government of Mizoram. 

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When will Mizoram TET 2022 be conducted?

The application for Mizoram TET will be available from November, and the last date of submission will be around January 2022. The tentative exam date is yet to be announced.

Mizoram TET Syllabus

Mizoram TET syllabus is quite vast, but with consistent and planned effort, you can successfully complete learning it. However, if you don’t have enough time left, you can stick to the important topics. Here are the subjects to cover in the Mizoram TET syllabus:

Child development

The important topics to cover under this section of the Mizoram TET syllabus will be:

  • Understanding the development of children during childhood
  • Different approaches to learning as well as teaching
  • Physical-Motor Development
  • Social and Emotional development
  • Get to know the learning process and learners
  • The concept of inclusive education
  • Understand and acknowledge children of special needs
  • Gender, School and Society
  • Teaching Aptitude
  • Assessment

Language 1

Here’s looking into the important topics to cover:

  • Principles of teaching English
  • Language skills development
  • Work with unseen passages
  • Learning materials for teaching
  • Question framing
  • Comprehensive continuous evaluation

Language 2

Listing the important topics to cover:

  • Language items
  • Language learning
  • Elementary level English learning
  • Language skill development
  • English assessment
  • Comprehension

Pedagogy ( Language learning)

The important topics to cover under this section of the Mizoram TET syllabus will be:

  • Development of Mother tongue and language
  • Assessment
  • Teaching scheme
  • Activities conducted in classrooms

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Mathematics is definitely an important part of the Mizoram TET syllabus. Let’s see the essential topics to cover:

  • Understanding shapes and spatial Relationship
  • Geometry
  • Solids that are around us
  • Numbers
  • Subtraction Addition, Multiplication, and Division
  • Measurement, weight, and volume
  • Time
  • Data Handling
  • Money 
  • Patterns
  • Pedagogy related issues in Mathematics


Listing the important topics to cover:

  • Friends and family, which also involves relationships, work, and play)
  • Animals and Plants
  • Food, Shelter, and Water
  • Travel
  • Things we accomplish and create
  • Pedagogy related problems in EVS

What books to refer to for preparing for Mizoram TET as per the syllabus?

Here are some of the books you can refer to prepare as per the Mizoram TET syllabus.

  • The applicants for child development and pedagogy can refer to B.ED/ D.ED textbooks.
  • When it comes to Language 1, go through the Class 6-10 language syllabus of Mizoram Board of School Education (MBSE). The syllabus has almost all the essential grammar topics related to language1.
  • Refer to Wren and Martin High School English Grammar and Composition Book for Language 2. Focus on topics like tenses, active and passive voice, antonyms, synonyms, idioms, direct and indirect speech, etc., and practice them on a constant basis.

Mizoram TET Exam Pattern

The Mizoram TET examination consists of two papers, Paper-1 and Paper-2. If you wish to teach lower-level primary classes, then you ought to attempt Paper-1, but if it is upper-level primary classes that you prefer, then you need to go for Paper-1 and Paper-2. So, in short, you must clear both the papers if you intend to become an upper-level primary teacher, whereas you will be eligible to teach lower-level primary classes if you clear Paper-1 alone.

Features of Mizoram TET Exam

  • Language of examination: Mizo and English
  • Duration of Exam – 3 hours
  • Total number of questions asked: 150 questions each in Paper 1 and Paper 2
  • Question type: Combination of Objective type and MCQ
  • Mode of examination: Offline ( online in case of pandemic restriction)

Mizoram TET 2022 Selection Procedure

The candidates who appear for Mizoram TET will be considered qualified if they score the minimum cut-off marks ( or even percentage) as announced by the MBSE. Tentatively, the candidates belonging to the General category will have to score 60% marks in TET to qualify for the exam. The cut-off marks will vary for the other categories. However, clarity about the cut-off marks is yet to be given officially.

These were all the basic details concerning Mizoram TET and its syllabus. As we mentioned earlier, the Mizoram TET syllabus is a bit vast, but with a proper and regular plan, you will be able to complete it and pass the exam with flying colors. 

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