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MIZORAM TET – Previous year question papers

Mizoram TET

Mizoram TET, also known as the Mizoram Teacher Eligibility Test,  is a state-level recruitment test conducted to shortlist and recruit teaching staff for primary and upper primary classes in the government-run schools across the state of Mizoram. This test is regulated by the Mizoram Board of School Education or the MBSE once every year. Every candidate who aspires to teach in the Mizoram state schools must write and qualify for the Mizoram TET.

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Paper Pattern for Mizoram TET


SubjectsTotal No. of QuestionsTotal Marks
Child Development and Pedagogy3030
Language I3030
English (Language II)3030
Environmental Studies3030


SubjectsTotal No. of QuestionsTotal Marks
Child Development and Pedagogy3030
Language I3030
Language II3030
Mathematics/ Science/ Social Studies6060

Previous Year Questions

Child Development and Pedagogy

  1. The most critical period for individual development is at
  1. Infancy 
  2. Childhood 
  3. Adolescence 
  4. Adulthood 
  1. Gender roles are 
  1. Innate 
  2. Socially constructed 
  3. Permanent 
  4. Temporary 
  1. What type of evaluation identifies learning difficulties and deficiencies in a learner?
  1. Placement 
  2. Diagnostic 
  3. Continuous 
  4. Summative
  1. At what stages of development does the child begin to identify the difference in sex
  1. Two years
  2. One year
  3. Five years
  4. Ten years
  1. A teacher can implement effective learning in the elementary classroom by 
  1. Constant drill, practice, and competition 
  2. Connecting the content to the real lives 
  3. Encouraging the students
  4. Offering rewards for small achievements in learning 

6) The goals of democratic education can be achieved if the teaching methods are 

  1. Rigid 
  2. Traditional 
  3. Both a and b
  4. Activity centered or dynamic

7) The most important trait of a good teacher is 

  1. A good relationship with his/her students 
  2. A strict disciplinarian 
  3. Deep knowledge about their subject
  4. Good motivator


  1. Which of the following triangular pyramids and equilateral triangles have similar faces? 
  1.  Rectangular shaped pyramid 
  2. Square shaped pyramid 
  3. Tetrahedron 
  4. None of the above

2. Which of the following is another name of a cylinder? 

  1. A triangular prism 
  2. A rectangular prism 
  3. A vertical prism 
  4. A circular prism 

3. 28221 can be divisible by which of the following number below

4. Diagonals in a heptagon are

  1. 21 
  2. 42 
  3. 14 

5. Name the number of lines of symmetry a parallelogram has? 

  1. 3 lines of symmetry only
  2. 1 line of symmetry only
  3. No line of symmetry 
  4. 2 lines of symmetry only

6. The sum of all positive integers below 100 is 

  1. 5050
  2. 5020 
  3. 10800 
  4. 2400

7. If a particular observation repeatedly occurs some number of times in a given data, it is termed as

  1. Its frequency 
  2. Its range 
  3. Its mean 
  4. None of these 


  1. The work of differentiating grain from the chaff is termed as 
  1. Threshing 
  2. winnowing 
  3. harvesting 
  4. sowing

2. Name the thermosetting plastic that is also used for making plugs and switches 

  1. Nylon 
  2. PVC 
  3. Bakelite 
  4. Teflon

3. The main disadvantage of synthetic fiber is 

  1. shrinks when washed 
  2. becomes sticky when the body sweats 
  3. durable 
  4. easily gets rotten by the microbes 

4. Which of the elements is present in acids? 

  1. Hydrogen 
  2. Oxygen 
  3. Nitrogen 
  4. Chlorine

5. Rusting of iron which kind of change 

  1. physical change 
  2. chemical change 
  3. partial physical change 
  4. temporary change

6. The point of origin of an earthquake inside the earth is called 

  1. focus 
  2. epicenter 
  3. Richter scale 
  4. Seismograph

7. Which of these is a non-magnetic substance? 

  1. Iron 
  2. Nickel 
  3. Cobalt 
  4. Aluminium

Social Science

  1. Name the place where the first National Archives of India was opened? 
  1. Delhi 
  2. Bombay 
  3. Calcutta 
  4. Madras
  1. The Harappans received Copper from 
  1. Afghanistan 
  2. Karnataka 
  3. Rajasthan 
  4. Gujarat
  1. The British government recruited soldiers mostly from
  1. Gurkhas 
  2. Sikhs 
  3. Pathans 
  4. All the above
  1. Which of the following countries are home to more than six lakh villages? 
  1. China 
  2. India 
  3. Russia 
  4. Brazil
  1. Which of the following is the most important passage written on the first page of the Indian Constitution? 
  1. Right to Education 
  2. Freedom of speech 
  3. Equality of all citizens 
  4. Cultural and Educational rights 
  1. Which rock is made of fossils? 
  1. Igneous 
  2. Sedimentary 
  3. Metamorphic 
  4. All the above
  1. The standard value of prime meridian is
  1.  90° 
  2.  45° 
  3. 180 °
  1. The term used to refer the balancing the need of usage of resources and also conserving them for the future is known as
  1. Resource conservation 
  2. Potential resource 
  3. Sustainable development 
  4. Actual resource
  1. Which of the following layer in the atmosphere contains the Ozone layer 
  1. Stratosphere 
  2. Thermosphere 
  3. Troposphere 
  4. Mesosphere 
  1. The seasonal migration of humans along with their animals in search of food is 
  1.  Immigration 
  2. Transhumance
  3. Migration 
  4. Cattle herding
  1. Which article in the Indian constitution defines equality and restricts social discrimination? 
  1. Article 10 
  2. Article 12 
  3. Article 15 
  4. Article 21
  1. Who is called Sarpanch? 
  1. Member of the Panchayat 
  2. Villagers 
  3. Head of the Panchayat
  4. All of these
  1. The citizens do not directly involve in 
  1. The State
  2. The Power 
  3. The authority 
  4. Government
  1. A market with a single buyer and multiple sellers is known as  
  1. Monopoly 
  2. Polyopoly 
  3. Monopsony 
  4. Oligopoly 
  1. Which of the following is not a purely social science subject? 
  1. Philosophy 
  2. Political science 
  3. History 
  4. Economic 

These are some of the sample and previous year’s questions for Mizoram TET. With this, we hope you got a clear idea of what the questions would look like in the Mizoram TET. For more tips, information, and updates about the Super TET, continue reading our blogs at Teachmint

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