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MIZORAM TET – 5 mistakes to avoid while preparing

The Mizoram TET is an eligibility test that is conducted for teaching aspirants in the state of Mizoram. These candidates must pass the exam with the minimum cut-off score to apply for a teaching position. Mizoram TET is conducted by the Mizoram Board of School Education (MBSE). 

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The exam is conducted once every year. Mizoram TET is conducted in two categories – 

  1. Lower Level Primary – Paper I

For Classes I to V 

  1. Upper Level Primary – Paper II 

For Classes VI to VIII 

Exam Pattern of Mizoram TET Exam 

Two separate papers are conducted for the Mizoram TET exam, Paper 1 and Paper 2, as mentioned earlier. It is conducted in an MCQ-based format. The Mizoram TET consists of 150 questions that must be answered in 150 minutes. 

 The Exam Pattern for classes I to V is as follows: 

Child Development and Pedagogy – 30 Questions

Language I – 30 Questions

Language II – 30 Questions

Environmental Studies – 30 Questions

Mathematics – 30 Questions 

The Exam Pattern for classes VI to VIII is as follows:

Child Development and Pedagogy – 30 Questions

Language I – 30 Questions

Language II – 30 Questions

Mathematics or Science – 60 Questions 


Social Studies – 60 Questions 

Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing For Mizoram TET 

When preparing for Mizoram TET, a proper strategy for preparation is necessary. In order to make a strategy for any exam, knowledge of the details of its syllabus helps considerably. Detailed information should help you prepare a good study schedule. We all make mistakes when preparing for an exam; however, correcting them soon is important. Here is a list of mistakes that need to be avoided when preparing for Mizoram TET. 

  1. Indefinite Goal 

To prepare for anything, the basic information that you must have is to have an aim. Without a recognized aim or target, you cannot find the correct course for yourself. The majorly observed mistake committed by many aspirants is that they prepare without any set target. As a result, there is no definite path to follow. This is the reason why many candidates fail to achieve the cut off which requires a stable preparation strategy. 

When you are aware of the target, you become self-aware of your capabilities. It tells you the amount of hard work that you must put in. This further results in making a study schedule based hence on your self-assessed/self-found path. You can check your efforts and retention ability and hence organize your planning on the same basis. 

  1. Completely relying on Tutors

An important thing that must be remembered at all costs is that it is you who will sit and write in the examination hall. No one will be doing that for you. Many aspirants claim that the base of their learning is dependent on everyday lessons at tutoring sessions. 

This total dependency on a single person or video could cause trouble in the longer run. Your teachers could guide you through notes, tips, and suggestions. However, there is nothing that can work better than yourself. 

  1. Delaying The Start 

To prepare for competitive exams such as TET, it is necessary to be fully conscious of the time at hand. Once you prepare a schedule, you must be ready, to begin with, right away. Nowadays, it has been seen that procrastination and smartphone usage has decreased productivity levels considerably. 

Delaying your preparation starts with an attitude of “Tomorrow I will begin doesn’t work.” Loads of stress, deadlines, exam anxiety build up at the end and hence cause further delay. This ‘next-day concept’ should never be practiced in the project. 

  1. Passive Memorization 

A troubling factor that can do more harm than any good is the passive memorization technique. In this technique, candidates read the same lines over and over again. This technique results in a temporary block formation. It may harm the brain’s sensory nerves in the longer run. 

  1. No Plan of Action 

As mentioned before, having a proper plan of action could have great benefits. It becomes the habit of a good candidate. A properly planned activity list is a necessary step to move during the shutdown, an organized plan with a timeline. 


There are many advantages of the Mizoram TET exam for your future. The syllabus for the exam can be found on the official website of Mizoram TET. Every year thousands of aspirants prepare to crack the examination. You can check out the complete syllabus of the exam on the official website. All the updates are notified at the same place. You may also find previous years’ papers in the same place. 

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