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KARTET- Best Books

Preparing for an exam as extensive as the Karnataka Teachers Eligibility Test requires the candidates to be disciplined, focused and have the right resources to be able to prepare for the exam and pass with flying colors. If you have the KARTET best books list, it will help you research better and prepare as per the exam pattern and syllabus. 

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What is KARTET?

The State Education Board of Karnataka administers the KARTET (Karnataka Teacher Eligibility Test) to certify those who desire to work in the field of education and teaching. Candidates who want to take the KARTET exam must meet all of the eligibility requirements. Possessing the list of KARTET best books is the first step that the candidates should take once they decide to prepare for the exam. 

Candidates face the constant problem of locating the appropriate books to begin their preparation. It is common knowledge that books are the most important tools for preparing for any competitive exam. As a result, picking good literature is crucial. It is not recommended to prepare from haphazard or irrelevant sources. It could fail the KARTET Exam. To assist KARTET candidates, we have a list of KARTET best books to prepare for the exam. 

List of KARTET Best Books 

A) KARTET best books for Child Development and Pedagogy

Child Development & Pedagogy for CTET & STET (Paper 1 & 2) with Past Questions 3rd Edition – Disha Publications

Child development, inclusive education, learning, and pedagogical difficulties are all addressed in this book. This book contains two sets of exercises. Exercise #1 consists of a collection of MCQs from the previous year’s STET papers. MCQ practise questions are included in Exercise #2. This book is appropriate for KARTET papers I and II.

CTET Bal Vikas & Shiksha Shastra (Child Development & Pedagogy) Concise Guide with MCQs for Level- 1 & 2: also useful for State TET exams – Mock time publications

This book is a classic in the list of KARTET best books and is one of the best resources for studying for the KARTET exam. With 1800+ practise questions, it covers all ideas in-depth and in a very simple style.

B) KARTET best books for Language I & II 

Candidates typically choose Language I and II based on their experience and areas of interest. However, the most common languages chosen by candidates for these portions are Hindi and English. The following books are among the list of KATET best books to prepare for Language I and II (Hindi/English) preparation:

NCERT Books of Class- XII on Hindi and English (Other languages)

NCERT Books are excellent resources for teachers who are preparing for exams. The NCERT books cover the entire KARTET syllabus. NCERT books are well-written and easy to comprehend.

CTET Language I, English and Its Pedagogy- Pearson Publications

This book is developed specifically for the English component of both the paper-1 and paper-2 exams. You may rely on this book for the English Language segment because it was written for the CTET exam.

C) KARTET best books for Mathematics 

Questions involving verbal and nonverbal reasoning, as well as quantitative aptitude, are frequently posed in this section. The following books should be used to prepare for these questions:

Logical Reasoning by R.S. Aggarwal – S. Chand

This book is widely regarded as a standard for all competitive exams. It includes plenty of practice questions and covers all important verbal and nonverbal thinking themes. This book also includes shortcut strategies for answering questions.

Quantitative Aptitude by R.S. Aggarwal – S. Chand

The fundamentals of quantitative aptitude are covered in detail in this book. The questions are written for each type and pattern of the exam so that applicants can do well in them. This book can be used for the KARTET exam.

D) KARTET best books for Environmental Studies 

The Environmental Studies section has the same weight as the other sections (number of questions and marks). The KARTET exam will consist of 30 questions for 30 points each. As a result, don’t skip this part. Skipping these questions could jeopardise your chances of passing the KARTET exam. For some candidates, this portion appears weird. As a result, we recommend that you read from the following KARTET best book: 

Environmental Studies – Wiley

This book was created by Wiley for all competitive exams. This book is presented in an easy-to-understand style and covers all of the topics covered in the teaching test syllabus. 

You’ll find subject-specific solved questions for the genuine KARTET exams, as well as three mock tests in the recommended exam style, here. 

When a candidate has KARTET best books to prepare from, his journey towards achieving his/her goal becomes easier. 

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