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HP TET – 5 Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing

HP TET is the most accepted exam in the state for becoming excellent teachers. The HP TET is responsible for determining whether candidates are qualified to serve as Trained Graduate Teachers (TGTs) in Arts, Non-Medical, Medical, Shastri, L.T, Punjabi, and Urdu. HP TET Certificates will be valid for the lifetime of the individual based on the latest notification. 

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The HP TET Exam is one of the toughest entrance exams in the world, and candidates should prepare diligently and remain committed to the process. No amount of preparation can prepare you for the kind of challenges you are likely to face in the HP TET exam. To solve this challenge, you can use the HP TET Examination Question Papers from previous years. 

HP TET aspirants cannot overstate the importance of Previous Years Question Papers from HP TET Exams. In addition to knowing how to use them, candidates must also know how to make the most of them.

In order to succeed in the HP TET Exam, you should study the existing HP TET Examination Pattern thoroughly. Students can examine the previous year’s question papers to gain an understanding of the syllabus and topics covered in the examination. 

Aspirants can use HP TET Question Papers from previous years to determine the weightage of marks assigned to different topics, allowing them to plan their preparation strategy accordingly. The HP TET question paper for GS has changed from news-based questions to general informational questions from last year’s HP TET question papers.

HP TET Exam: Its Importance

  • An HP TET certificate will enhance your profile if you are applying for a teaching job with the Central Government.
  • If you obtain an HP TET certificate, you are eligible to apply for all teaching jobs within the Central Government, such as KVS, NVS Army Teacher, ERDO, etc.
  • To apply for teaching positions with the government, one must hold an HP TET certificate.
  • With the HP TET certificate, candidates can apply for teaching jobs with state governments.
  • For teacher recruitment, HP TET qualified candidates are usually the only ones accepted by private schools.
  • For regular or contract teaching positions in the Union territories, it is common to hire only HP TET certified teachers.
  • After obtaining the HP TET certificate, you will probably be hired by the government as a teacher.

Teachers in the state can only apply for recruitment after obtaining the HP TET eligibility certificate. Candidates must pass the HP TET exam in order to obtain the certificate. The following are a few last-minute tips for HP TET that will assist candidates in increasing their preparation level and scoring high on the exam. Candidates should read the HP TET preparation tips before taking the exam.

Common Mistakes to avoid while preparing for HP TET 

A pen and paper version of the HP TET exam is offered offline. OMR sheets are required for marking the answers. A total of 150 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) are included in each paper. Look at the most common mistakes aspirants should avoid making while preparing for the HP TET exam. Read how to become a teacher.

  • Not Going Through The HP TET Exam Pattern & Syllabus

Candidates should be well-versed with the HP TET exam pattern and syllabus and strategize accordingly for the exam. Knowing the exam pattern and syllabus makes candidates familiar with the sections or subjects, the number of questions, marking scheme, important topics, and section-wise distribution of marks. The exam pattern and syllabus for all the papers are different.

  • Forgetting To Practice HP TET Mock Tests & Question Papers

The last few days before the exam are not meant for deep studies. Candidates should devote this time to practice the mock tests and previous year question papers to know the weak and strong areas. After attempting the mock test or question paper, candidates can analyze their performance and focus on their weak areas.

  • Not Preparing For A Concrete Strategy To Attempt The Paper

Candidates should prepare a concrete strategy to attempt the paper in the allotted time. Candidates’ focus should be on attempting all the questions in the given time frame and avoiding committing silly mistakes as this may lower the HP TET scores. First, read the questions carefully and then mark the answers.

  • Not Managing Time

HP TET is a competitive exam that emphasizes accuracy and time management. It is recommended that candidates attempt as many questions as possible. As candidates attempt the paper, they should mark the most accurate option as their answer.

  • Forgetting To Carry The HP TET Admit Card And Necessary Documents

To take the exam, candidates should bring an admit card in addition to a photo ID, photographs, and other required documents. Make sure you have all the documents in order before the test.

  • Tip: Calm Yourself And Stay Confident!

While taking the exam, candidates should remain calm and confident. Don’t get stressed out while answering the questions. Try to be calm and attentive when answering the HP TET questions, regardless of how difficult they may be.


HP TET is quite a prominent exam that can make superb teachers in the state. But for this, it is imperative to look for last-minute tips and tricks to not miss out on any detail. All the pointers mentioned above, if followed, will not just make your preparation easier but will also make you understand all the vital aspects of the HP TET exam. 

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