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BIHAR TET – 5 Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing

BIHAR TET is a state-level Teachers Eligibility Test conducted by the Bihar School of Examination Board in offline mode to test aspirants’ skills and abilities to be recruited as teachers for elementary and primary classes in the schools of Bihar. 

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As per the rules and regulations laid down by the exam conducting body, BIHAR TET is divided into Paper I (for Class I to V) and Paper-II (for Class VI to VIII). Applicants who obtain passing marks or above in BIHAR TET are given the TET eligibility certificates, which allow the qualified candidates to apply for teaching jobs in public and private schools of Bihar. Read how to become a teacher.

To appear in BIHAR TET, applying aspirants must be of Indian nationality and be permanent residents of the state of Bihar. Aspirants need to fulfill a specific set of eligibility criteria, i.e., B.Ed. Degree along with Graduation in any discipline with a minimum of 50% marks from a recognized. If a candidate fails to fulfill any criteria, their application will be rejected.

Now the most important thing while appearing for a competitive exam is how efficiently you prepare for it. Hence, we’ve made this article to make sure you avoid some of the most common mistakes candidates often make.

5 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing For APTET

Making mistakes is easy but identifying and solving them is the real task. Therefore, we have made up a list of common mistakes that every aspirant should avoid while preparing for BIHAR TET.

1. Procrastinating During Preparation 

Procrastination can result from overthinking, which most candidates tend to do while preparing for any big exam. But this is something candidates should avoid doing at all costs as it can affect your performance drastically. Always start your preparation right away, do not wait for the next day. There is no right or wrong time for studying.

2. Not Doing Enough Self-Study

Most of the candidates rely too much on teachers or coaching institutes. They like to believe that enrolling themselves into institutes/coaching or being present in their tuition classes and paying attention to their educators dutifully throughout their session is enough to prepare them for the eligibility test. Due to this, they avoid self-studying, which is the key to passing any exam or test.

A large number of aspirants make this mistake which fails to crack the exam. It is necessary to remember that your teachers are your guides; they can only show you the right path. But it’s you who will have to cross that path to achieve your goals and dreams. Your guides can support you by providing the best advice and resources (notes and appropriate study materials) to ace your examinations. But they will only be helpful if you utilize them to their full extent.

3. Make A Proper Plan Of Action

To go all-in, students sometimes make the mistake of not following a schedule or a plan of action. Without a proper plan of action, it can get hard to set your priorities straight. As a consequence, things get out of hand and drastically affect the performance of candidates. Try not to make this mistake if you wish to pass the BIHAR TET with flying colors. Prepare by following a systematized plan, and you will achieve your goals without much less difficulty. 

4. Lack Of Practice

One of the major mistakes candidates make is that they do not practice enough. Only reading the notes and study materials will not get you a good score. But practicing sample papers and previous year’s question papers will make a great impact on your performance in BIHAR TET. Solving as many previous year’s question papers as you can be extremely helpful and efficient. It teaches candidates time management skills that will come in handy during the actual examination. 

5. Memorizing Concepts Instead Of Understanding Them

Most students memorize the syllabus instead of understanding it, which is the most wrong approach that candidates adopt while preparing for the test. This type of rote memorization tactic is not good and will prove useless in the long run. Therefore, stop wasting your time memorizing the study material or notes as it is an unreceptive learning method. Try to understand the concepts to learn and gain valuable knowledge genuinely.

Avoiding the mistakes mentioned above can turn out to be quite beneficial for your performance in the BIHAR TET exam. Therefore, all appearing candidates must read this article thoroughly.

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