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ASSAM TET- Preparation Tips

Assam TET is an exam conducted by the Assam Department of Elementary Education. The Teacher’s Eligibility Test (TET) is conducted to select candidates for teaching jobs for classes I to VIII in government schools across Assam.

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Assam TET exam is conducted every year for permanent residents of Assam who hold an Indian nationality. The candidates who qualify for the exam are eligible for the posts of lower primary teacher and upper primary teacher.

While the exam does not lay down any specific number of attempts, an aspiring candidate must prepare well to qualify before they hit their age limit. This requires the aspiring candidate to prepare with a strategy and some handy tips. Devising a proper plan along with preparation tips can help the candidate crack the exam on the first attempt.

In this article, we will throw some light on the best Assam TET preparation tips and strategies that will help you ace the examination. Before we get into the tips and strategies, every candidate must shed the fear surrounding them for appearing for the examination and stay calm which will help them concentrate more.

1. Sound preparation starts with an understanding of the syllabus

Even though every TET aspiring candidate is thorough with the examination syllabus, be sure to go through it more than once. Understanding the entire syllabus is the key to smart planning. This way, you will be able to divide your schedule according to the subject and difficulty.

2. Make a Schedule

Making a schedule is as important as being thorough with the entire syllabus. Creating a plan based on the topics that you want to focus on first can save you from endless chaos that results in the absence of a schedule.

Moreover, when you create a proper schedule, your preparation strategy falls in place. It makes you use time efficiently and moulds you perfectly well to be ready to appear for the exam. 

3. Notes can become your study companion

Notes are a simple yet highly effective technique that helps you remember the subjects and topics better. Also, considering the exam syllabus is extensive and can become overwhelming sometimes, the notes that you make will help you ease the pressure by helping you retract the information. Read how to become a teacher.

But while preparing notes, it is vital you make them in a way that enables you to learn better rather than just copy-paste the exact information. It is also important that you go through your notes frequently to remember the data you gathered while making them. Additionally, you must revise from your notes instead of the book to stay familiar with the concepts.

4. Always practice through the Preparation Materials and Previous Question Papers

Another useful Assam TET preparation tip is to keep practising the preparation sample materials and previous question papers. This technique will keep you informed of the exam pattern and if there have been any changes in the past years.

Solving more question papers also improves the quality of your preparation and will help you manage time more efficiently with every practice.

5. Online Mock Tests to create the actual exam day experience

A great way to evaluate your theoretical learning is to appear for mock tests. Mock tests are an effective technique to give you a pre-picture of how the actual exam will look like. It will also help you strategize time and learning before your actual attempt at Assam TET.

Furthermore, a mock test gives an insight into the basics of online examination, especially to the candidates who are not comfortable with the concept of taking the exam on a computer.

6. Quick Tricks to be efficient and save time

Be it mathematics or the English language; every subject can have quick tricks to help you understand them better. Tricks such as learning a shortcut for long-figure multiplication or division and small tricks for remembering grammar rules can enable the mind to remember the concepts more effectively. 

To add to this, you can always turn to youtube videos on Assam TET exam content to get subject wise simple tricks that will help you ace the examination. 

7. Analyze your Performance and make Corrective actions

While you attempt multiple online mock papers and previous year papers, it becomes highly important to keep track of how you performed or whether your performance has an ascending or descending curve. This will not only help you identify your vulnerable topic areas and perform corrective actions but also aid in developing a better study plan to get a good score.

The last preparation tip that you can apply is to stop procrastinating and get into your Assam TET study plan starting today. 

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