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Assam TET-Best Books

TET is also called the Teacher Eligibility Test. It is the minimum qualification needed to practice as a school teacher for grades 1 – 8 in India. If aspirants desire to secure government school-level teaching jobs, it is compulsory for them to qualify for this examination. Upon qualification, candidates receive a TET Certificate, which is valid for a lifetime. 

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TET Brief Background And History

The TET examination was introduced by the Government of India in the year 2011. The objective of the TET exam was to meet the standards of the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009. The following act, as the name suggests, ensures free and mandatory education for Indian children aged between 6 – 14 years. TET examinations are conducted for teaching aspirants by both central and state bodies. Teachers employed before the TET examination was implemented are expected to qualify for the same within a two-year time frame. Read how to become a teacher.

Assam TET

The Assam Department of Elementary Education or Assam DEE conducts the Assam TET examination. The Assam TET official notification is released on the SSA or Sarva Siksha Abhiyan official website. Aspirants who wish to teach in upper and lower primary schools usually apply for this examination. Moreover, all candidates who desire to take up teaching jobs must qualify for the examination and obtain their TET certificate. 

Various provisions such as mock tests, practice papers, and exclusive test series are provided to candidates to process their knowledge and prepare efficiently for a competitive examination. 

Assam TET Eligibility Criteria 

Every year the Assam TET is conducted, an Assam TET Eligibility Criteria is released. The purpose of the eligibility criteria is to clearly indicate which aspirants are permitted to appear for the examination. Verticals including but not limited to age, domicile, grade expectations, a number of attempts and educational qualifications are all listed. 

  • All candidates must glance through the eligibility criteria section before applying for the Assam TET examination. 
  • It is a good idea for candidates applying for Assam TET to scan the TRBT or Teacher Recruitment Board, Tripura guidelines and eligibility criteria as well. 
  • The age limit for the Assam TET is a minimum of 18 years and a maximum of 38 years. 
  • All TET Assam candidates must have a Graduate degree from a Universal Grants Commission recognized University. 
  • All candidates must secure a minimum of 50% marks by passing the B. Ed or Diploma in Elementary Education degree. 
  • It is mandatory for all Assam TET aspirants to be citizens of India and permanent residents of Assam. 
  • All candidates appearing for the TET Assam examination can continue to attempt it until they reach the maximum eligible age. 
  • SC/ST candidates and aspirants receive a relaxation of 5 years in terms of age limit. 

Assam TET Examination Format 

  • The Assam TET is conducted as an online written exam with a multiple-choice question format.
  • There are 4 options for each question, and candidates are required to darken the correct response with an Optical Mark Reader sheet. 
  • The Assam TET question paper is divided into 4 sections, of which 2 are compulsory while others have options.
  • Candidates must complete the examination to the best of their ability in 2 hours and 30 minutes with 1 mark for each correct response and no negative marking. 

Assam TET Best Books For Lower Primary Teachers 

Assam TET best books enable students to cover the syllabus more efficiently. With the help of Assam TET best books, teaching aspirants prepare for the examination in a well-planned and detailed manner, increasing their chances of qualification. 

Here are some of the Assam TET best books candidates can go through to be selected for the TET Assam examination: 

1. CTET and TETs Child Development and Pedagogy Paper 1 and 2 2020

This paperback edition is published by Arihant Publications. This is one of the Assam TET best books covering past papers and multiple-choice-based practice tests related to child development and pedagogy. 

2. Popular Master Guide for Assam TET

As the name suggests, this TET best book written by R. Gupta covers all topics related to TET Assam subjects available in various languages like Assamese, Garo, English, Bengali, Nepali, and more. 

3. Quantitative Aptitude

One of the Assam TET best books that specifically covers problems related to mathematics and aptitude, written by RS. Aggrawal. 

4. Environmental Studies (EVS) Exam Goalpost for CTET and TETs Exams, Paper – I, Class I – V, 2019

Candidates that require detailed, in-depth research to cover the Environmental Studies section should trust in this TET best book published by Dreamtech Press. 

Assam TET Best Books For Upper Primary Teachers

1. CTET and TETs Child Development and Pedagogy Paper 1 & 2 2020 Paperback

Candidates are expected to study this same book published by Arihant publications recommended in the lower primary section as well. 

2. English Language & Pedagogy

This is one of the Assam TET best books covering major English language topics and technical grammar skills, written by Gyan Singh and Om Prakash. 

3. Teacher Eligibility Test

With the same title as the examination, this TET best book published by Lucent Publications covers all topics of the Assam TET accompanied by practice questions related to Mathematics, Social Science and Science. 

With the help of Assam TET’s best books, consistency in study patterns, short breaks, and technical expertise, aspirants can crack the Assam TET examination. 

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