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Assam TET- An Overview

The Assam TET – Teacher Eligibility Test is conducted by the Department of Elementary Education (DEE) every year to select primary teachers, both at lower and upper primary levels. It is especially useful to identify the candidates who have the capability of teaching using a proper skillset. A written test is conducted for this purpose. Passing this exam is necessary to be eligible for becoming a teacher in a government school in Assam.  Read how to become a teacher.

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Exam Pattern of Assam TET Exam 

The Assam TET exam is held online. It has a multiple-choice type question pattern. There is one correct choice from the four options given. No Negative marking applies to the Assam TET exam. 

There are two separate papers in the Assam TET exam, one for lower primary teachers and another for upper primary teachers. 

The exam is divided into four sections, out of which two sections are mandatory while the remaining two have options to be chosen from. 

The duration of the exam is 2 hours and 30 minutes, i.e., 150 minutes for answering 150 questions. 

Syllabus of Assam TET Exam 

The Assam TET exam is conducted separately for Lower Level Primary teachers and Upper level Primary teachers. The subject options vary in either of the cases by some margin. 

Subjects for the lower level include:

  1. Child Development and Pedagogy (Compulsory)
  2. Language I
  3. Language II (Compulsory) 
  4. Mathematics 
  5. Environmental Science 

Subjects for the upper level include: 

  1. Child Development and Pedagogy (Compulsory)
  2. Language I
  3. Language II (Compulsory) 
  4. Mathematics, Science or Social Science 
Subject-wise Syllabus of the Assam TET Exam 

Any candidate who aspires to be a teacher must qualify Assam TET to be eligible for the post. The Assam TET exam syllabus comprises all the elements necessary for assessing a teacher’s capability. It has innumerable topics which give knowledge on creating a learning environment in a classroom. The exam also tests the technical knowledge of the aspirants for the same. 

Given below is a complete list of topics included in the different subjects in the exam curriculum: 

  1. Language I – It consists of language proficiency testing questions. There are nine language options which include – Bengali, Bodo, Manipuri, Hmar, Karbi, Hindi, Nepali, Garo, Assamese. 
  1. Language II – This section tests the complete knowledge of the aspirant in language through Jumbled sentences, punctuations, prepositions, synonyms and antonyms, parts of speech, articles, elements of language – speaking, writing, and listening. 
  1. Child Development and Pedagogy – This subject includes topics for Student-Teacher interactive teaching skill development. The qualities of a good teaching professional, classroom management, evaluation, individual differences, and learning process are a few important topics included in this subject. 
  1. Mathematics – Numbers, Fractions, Algebra, Geometry, Integration, and Socially used calculations are included in this subject. 
  1. Environmental Science – Environmental safety and its future, sustainable development, and topics concerning the ill-effects of environmental exploitation are included in this subject. 
  1. Science – Everything that ranges from Fiber to Fabric, Cells to human anatomy, stars, and space come under this category. Plant and animal kingdoms, microbes are also included in this subject. It also consists of chemical, physical, and biochemical processes and laws.
  1. Social Science – Geography, History, Economics, and Political Sciences are included in this section. 
Eligibility Criteria for Assam TET Exam 

Any aspirant of the age range 18 to 38 years is eligible to appear for the exam any number of times. The selection is made based on the merit of the marks obtained in this exam. The aspirant must be a citizen of India and a permanent resident of Assam. 

Educational Qualifications 

For the Lower Primary Teaching position, the candidate must have either of the following – 

  • A 2-year Diploma in Elementary Education degree.
  • A 2-year B.El.Ed (Bachelor of Elementary Education) degree.
  • A degree in Special Education.

For the Upper Primary Teaching position, the candidate must have any one of the following qualifications – 

  • 50% marks and a 4-year B. El. Ed (Bachelor of Elementary Education) degree. 
  • 50% marks and a 4-year B.A./ B. Sc. Ed. Or B.A. Ed/ B. Sc. Ed degree. 

50% marks in any graduate degree.

  • 50% marks in any graduate degree and a 1-year B. Ed (Bachelor of Education) degree.
  • A 2-year diploma in Elementary Education. 

As a teaching aspirant, there are many advantages of the Assam TET exam for your future. The detailed syllabus will help improve your skills as a teacher. The result of the exam is available on the official website. You can check all the official updates about the exam from the same place. 

The score in the Assam TET exam certificate determines the candidate’s eligibility for the teaching post. To prepare well for the exam, it is essential to have a comprehensive idea of the syllabus. One can appear innumerable times for the exam until the age limit criterion is met. So take the first step towards your dream of a teaching career by attempting TET.

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