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ASSAM TET- 5 Mistakes To Avoid

ASSAM TET is the state-level eligibility test mandatory for all candidates who want to pursue a career in the teaching industry in Assam. However, a great amount of time and dedication is required for the preparation for this exam. For best results, candidates need to prepare smartly and efficiently to crack the exam. Therefore, candidates must be aware of the common mistakes they tend to make while preparing. 

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5 Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing For ASSAM TET

The first step in avoiding making mistakes is to recognize them accurately. If candidates don’t even know what mistakes they are making, how do they expect to find a solution? All appearing candidates must keep this in their mind to enhance their exam performance on the whole. Thus, we have made up this article to help candidates improve their preparation strategy.

1. Not Setting Up A Definite Goal

This is one of the most common mistakes applicants tend to make while preparing for the ASSAM TET exams. They try to cover everything without setting up a definite goal or a fixed target score to pass the examination. As a consequence, most students get off track and complicate things for themselves.

While planning your preparation strategy, set up a target score for the ASSAM TET exam. Be as realistic as you can because only you know your capabilities. Evaluate yourself as systematically as possible to obtain a realistic target score that you can achieve. In the end, it all will come to the candidate’s interests, efforts, time, and information retention ability. The preparation process becomes a lot easier once candidates have set their target or goal.

2. Completely Relying On Teachers/Tutors Or Coaching For ASSAM TET Preparations

Most of the candidates like to believe that they will be all ready for the eligibility test as long as they have enrolled themselves into institutes/coaching, or they will be present in their tuition classes and pay attention to their educators dutifully throughout their session. Because of this belief, most candidates don’t even put effort into studying on their own. Read how to become a teacher.

Now, this is the biggest and commonest mistake an individual can make. Self-study is the key to cracking any examination. Your tutors or your educators can only push you towards the path to success. But you will have to walk on that path alone to achieve the goal that you’ve set. Your guides can provide you with the best notes, advice, and appropriate study materials concerning your examinations. But they will only be useful if you utilize them to study on your own.

3. Waiting Till The Exams Are About To Start

Most of the candidates dedicate too much time to overthink. They plan to start their preparation right away but soon start procrastinating, which can result from stress, anxiety, or pressure. As an outcome, they keep delaying their preparation, and then out of nowhere, the exams are standing right on your doorstep. This will put you under a lot of pressure which can ruin your performance.

That’s why candidates are always advised not to wait for the next day. Start your preparation right away. By doing so, you will save yourself from a lot of last-minute pressure and will have a relaxed mind when your exams arrive. Your performance would be much better than it was before.

4. Passive Rote Memorization Tactics

The most wrong approach that candidates adopt while preparing for the test is reading the study material or notes multiple times until they memorize it by heart. This type of rote memorization tactic is an unreceptive method of learning and will be more destructive than good in the long run. Try to understand the concepts while preparing for the exams genuinely. 

5. Preparing Without An Appropriate Schedule Or A Plan

One of the major mistakes that candidates often make is to go all in without forming an appropriate schedule or timetable. Without a proper plan of action, they can’t set their priorities straight. As a consequence, things get complicated and affect their performance. Try to avoid this mistake if you want to pass the ASSAM TET with flying colors. Prepare with the help of a systematized plan designed by you, and you will achieve your goals without much hassle. 

All the candidates appearing in the ASSAM TET are advised to read this article thoroughly not to make these common mistakes while preparing. This will help you obtain a better result in the ASSAM TET.

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