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APTET – Syllabus


The Andhra Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test, or APTET, is an eligibility test conducted at the state level by the Commissioner of School Education in Andhra Pradesh. Primary and Upper Primary teachers must take this exam to become state government teachers. APTET is a popular exam held every year in which many students participate. 

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You can easily find all the information about APTET and check the exam dates, eligibility, and syllabus pattern on the official website.

Additionally, this article contains all the information about APTET 2022. 

APTET Exam Pattern

Before moving to the APTET syllabus, let us see what the exam pattern of APTET includes. The APTET exam will consist of multiple-choice questions (MCQs), containing four options, out of which you need to opt for the correct one. Each question carries one mark. There’s no negative marking for attempting the wrong answer.

The APTET is conducted online, i.e., it is a computer-based test that includes Paper I and Paper II.

1. Paper I is for those candidates who aim to teach classes I to V.

2. Paper II is for those candidates who aim to teach classes VI to VIII.

3. Candidates who intend to teach classes for both levels must appear for both the papers, i.e., Paper I and Paper-II.

Paper I: It includes 150 MCQs, each question carrying one mark. The time duration allotted to candidates is 2 ½ hours.

Paper-II: It includes 150 MCQs, each question carrying one mark. The time duration allotted to candidates is 2 ½ hours.

APTET Syllabus 

Let’s now look at an overview of the APTET syllabus and the sections it comprises. 

Paper I

  1. Child Development & Pedagogy
  • Understanding diverse learners
  • Individual differences
  • Intelligence
  • Theories of learning and its implication
  • Teaching-learning process
  • Meaning and purposes of assessment
  • Learning difficulties
  • Adjustment
  • The role of heredity and environment
  • Definition and concept of learning and its processes
  • Factors affecting learning
  • Personality
  • How children learn and think
  • Child development
  • Action research
  • Motivation and implications for learning
  1. Language I
  • Principles of teaching English
  • Teaching learning materials
  • Unseen prose passage
  • Unseen prose passage
  • Comprehensive & continuous evaluation
  1. Language II
  • Unseen poem
  • Unseen prose passage
  • Basic knowledge of English sounds and their phonetic transcription
  1. Mathematics
  • Numbers
  • Pedagogical issue
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Time
  • Volume
  • Decimal fractions
  • Multiplication
  • Measurement
  • Geometry
  • Shapes & spatial understanding
  • LCM & HCF
  1. Environmental Studies
  • Natural resources
  • National property
  • Weather & climate
  • Community buildings
  • Habitats, types
  • Living and nonliving
  • First aid
  • Festivals (school, family & national)
  • Diseases
  • Solar system
  • Food, resources, and care
  • Disaster management
  • Our surroundings

Paper II

  1. Mathematics
  • Symmetry: (reflection)
  • Quadrilateral
  • Data handling, statistics
  • Introduction to algebra; algebraic identities, polynomials
  • Number system
  • Whole numbers
  • Ratio and proportion
  • Geometry
  1. Science
  • Sound
  • Light
  • Water
  • Food
  • Change of matter
  • Materials
  • Electric current and circuits
  • Pollution
  • Food; production & management
  • Components of food
  • Cleaning food
  • Pedagogical issues
  • Compounds
  • The structure of an atom
  • Acids, base, salt
  1. Social Studies
  • Pedagogical issues
  • Culture and science
  • Making a living
  • Creation of an empire
  • Political developments
  • Local government
  • Rural life and society
  • Diversity
  • The Nationalist movement
  • Unpacking gender
  • The early states
  • First farmers and herders
  • Regional cultures
  • The judiciary

Preparation for APTET Examination

Once you know the APTET syllabus, explore the preparation strategy. Online study material is essential for all aspirants. 

With everything available from the comfort of homes, online study materials have been a boon for students. Preparing for the APTET exam has become a lot easier in recent years. A well-planned schedule of 6-7 hours of daily studies for one month is sufficient for a regular candidate to pass.

Observe these tips for effective preparation:

  • Maintain a strict timetable

These tests require dedication and punctuality towards studies; this is the primary strategy to prepare for any competitive exam. Make sure that you plan your timetable throughout the preparation, including short breaks for refreshments. Read how to become a teacher.

Critical and challenging topics need extra time, and it is not advisable to spend precious preparation time on obscure concepts. Time management skills are essential to ensure you waste as little time as possible during preparation.

  • Preparation of short notes

As a student, you should prepare notes on the topics you have studied since this will be beneficial during the revision period. During the revision period, focus on the most critical issues, formulas, and points to ensure easy revision. 

  • Solving question papers from previous years

Solve at least the last five years’ exam papers manually using a time management technique similar to what you’d employ for the final exam. With this, you will be able to know the exam pattern and self-assess your preparation so you can target your weak areas. By doing this, you can also achieve a higher grade in the exam.


Before starting the preparation for the upcoming APTET exam, it will be best if every aspirant goes through the APTET syllabus. A proper understanding of the APTET syllabus will enable every aspirant to give their best shot. 

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