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APTET – Previous year question papers

APTET, Andhra Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test, is conducted by the AP Government’s Department of School Education to recruit the best candidates for the post of teachers for classes 1 to 8 in all state schools. Qualifying the APTET gives teaching aspirants a tremendous scope in making a teaching career in Andhra Pradesh.

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However, APTET is a competitive exam, and lakhs of candidates apply for the exam every year. Without a proper strategy to study for APTET, candidates can get overwhelmed and face difficulty preparing for the exam. Thus, candidates must follow a well-developed strategy to prepare well in advance.

One of the essential strategies to ace the APTET exam with flying colors is to practice question papers from previous years. There are ample previous question papers available on the internet to solve and get ready for the exam. However, the candidates must also do a detailed analysis of the question papers and get to know the syllabus of APTET thoroughly before attempting the question papers. In this article, candidates will gain more information about the strategy and find out where to find APTET question papers of previous years.

APTET Question Papers

Candidates can easily find previous years’ question papers on the official website of APTET. But before we focus on that, let’s get familiar with the exam paper pattern of APTET. 

The exam consists of 3 different papers: paper 1, paper 2A, and paper 2B. Paper 1 has the subjects of Child Development & Pedagogy, Language I, English, Mathematics, and Environmental Studies. And paper 2 contains the subjects of Child Development & Pedagogy, Language I, English and Mathematics & Science or Social Studies or Category of Disability Specialization and pedagogy. Candidates can choose from Telugu, Urdu, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Sanskrit, and Odiya for the Language I subject. For detailed information on APTET, you can refer to our article on the scope of APTET. Read how to become a teacher.

Now, as for previous years’ question papers, candidates can find them on the official website provided by the government, Candidates can also find all other information related to APTET by visiting the CSE portal from this website. To find the question papers and answer keys of 2017, candidates can visit, and for 2018, candidates can visit

To lay out a better idea of the questions asked in the APTET exam for the candidates, here are a few sample questions(with answers) compiled from different subjects.

Sample questions

Q1. (Child Development and Pedagogy) Irrespective of his intention to participate in the essay competition, the child doesn’t participate in it because of his fear of poor performance and not being able to get a reward. The defense mechanism related to this is:

  1. Regression
  2. Projection
  3. Withdrawal
  4. Identification

Ans. Withdrawal

Q2. (Environmental Studies) “Microorganisms could be killed by boiling.” This was proved by:

  1. Lazzaro Spallanzani
  2. Ronald Ross
  3. Edward Jenner
  4. Jonas Salk

Ans. Lazzaro Spallanzani

Q3. (General Knowledge) The largest plateau in India:

  1. Tibet Plateau
  2. Deccan Plateau
  3. Malwa Plateau
  4. Chota Nagpur Plateau

Ans. Deccan Plateau

Q4. (English) Choose the grammatically wrong sentence:

  1. When Swaminathan’s turn came, he looked around helplessly.
  2. It was a fact that he has broken the panes.
  3. Here there was no chance of escape.
  4. The brigand had nothing to say.

Ans. It was a fact that he has broken the panes.

Q5. (Maths) The Academic standard to be tested through the following test item: “Find the difference between the biggest and smallest five-digit numbers formed by the digits 5, 4, 3, 0, and 7,” is:

  1. Reasoning – proof
  2. Connection
  3. Communications
  4. Representation – Visualisation

Ans. Reasoning – proof

Q6. (Science) For a freely falling body, the energy possessed by it in its path is:

  1. Only potential energy
  2. Only kinetic energy
  3. Potential energy decreases while kinetic energy increases
  4. Potential energy increases while kinetic energy decreases

Ans. Potential energy decreases while kinetic energy increases

Q7. (Biology)  The circular DNA is present in A) Bacteria, B) Mitochondria, C) Golgi, D) Plastids:

  1. A only
  2. A and B
  3. A, B, and D
  4. A, B, and C

Ans. A, B, and D

Q8. (Chemistry) Identify the wrong statement with regard to properties of highly reactive metals:

  1. Potassium reacts with steam and displaces Hydrogen
  2. Sodium reacts with dilute strong acid and displaces Hydrogen
  3. Potassium reacts with cold water and displaces Hydrogen
  4. Sodium doesn’t give peroxide even in the presence of an excess of Oxygen

Ans. Sodium doesn’t give peroxide even in the presence of an excess of Oxygen


Referring to and attempting the question papers of APTET is crucial for adequate preparation for the exam. It can also help candidates gauge the level of their preparation and readiness to appear for the exam. Thus, candidates must study well in advance and devote some time to practice previous years’ question papers as it can help in passing the exam with excellent scores. We hope this article has given all the adequate information on previous years’ papers, and we wish you all the best for your APTET exam!

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