APTET – Eligibility Criteria

Every second house in India will have a teacher in it. The profession has been popular for decades for those in search of a safe and stable career. However, the increase in the number of teachers has also lowered the graph of quality education being administered in classrooms. To overcome this problem, the Government of India launched the TET- Teachers Eligibility Test. 

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The Teachers Eligibility Test is conducted in two parts for candidates applying for teaching positions in primary and upper classes. The TET is one of the most prestigious exams and gives the candidates a push in their careers. It also ensures that the quality of the teachers in the classroom is enhanced and the correct education and skills are imparted to the children. 

What is APTET? 

Every state conducts its own TET exam. The APTET is the acronym for the Andhra Pradesh Teachers Eligibility Test, administered by the Higher Education Board of Andhra Pradesh. One of the most renowned examinations in the field of teaching, the APTET has an extensive syllabus and stringent APTET eligibility criteria. It is a yearly exam conducted for recruitments of candidates in private and government institutes in Andhra Pradesh.

APTET Eligibility Criteria 

Since APTET is a popular exam, the state board has kept strict APTET eligibility criteria, which ensures an impartial and inclusive approach for candidates from various walks of life. However, the board also needs to ensure that people who are committed to the career apply for the exam and the deserving candidates get a chance to grow. Before you begin your preparation for the APTET, go through the APTET eligibility criteria to ensure that you are eligible for the exam. Here are the APTET eligibility criteria for candidates: 

APTET Eligibility Criteria For Age 

Though most TET exams do not have an age limit, the APTET eligibility criteria are different. In order to appear for the APTET, the candidate must be above the age of 18 years and below the age of 40 years. Read how to become a teacher.

APTET Eligibility Criteria For Nationality 

The APTET eligibility criteria require the applying candidate to be a citizen of India in order to be eligible for the exam.  

APTET Eligibility Criteria For Academic Qualifications 

Academic qualifications are a must under the APTET eligibility criteria. Since the candidate is going to be holding a prestigious position as a teacher, he/she must have sound knowledge of concepts and the syllabus. Under the APTET eligibility criteria, a candidate is required to have the following academic qualifications: 

  1. The candidate should have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university board. 
  2. A candidate must have a degree in B.Ed from a recognized board to qualify for the APTET exam. 

APTET Exam Pattern

Apart from the APTET eligibility criteria, the APTET exam pattern is also of great importance. 

Like any other TET, the Andhra Pradesh Teachers Eligibility Test also has two papers: 

1) PAPER 1: Paper 1 is conducted for those candidates interested in applying for teaching positions at the primary level (Class I to Class V) 

2) PAPER 2: Paper 2 is conducted for those candidates interested in applying for teaching positions at the upper primary level (Class VII to Class VIII) 

The APTET paper has a duration of two and half hours, with a total of 150 questions to be answered in an MCQ format. The maximum marks that a candidate can obtain in an APTET exam is 150. 

Subjects of APTET Paper 1 

Under the APTET Paper 1, the candidates have to prepare for the following subjects with comprehensive knowledge in all the topics: 

  • Child Development and Pedagogy
  • Language I 
  • Language II 
  • Mathematics 
  • Environmental Studies 

Subjects of APTET Paper 2 

Under the APTET paper 2, then the candidates have to prepare for the following subjects with comprehensive knowledge in all the topics:

  • Child Development and Pedagogy
  • Language I 
  • Language II
  • Mathematics & Science or Social Studies

Selection procedure for APTET 

Two papers are conducted by the Board (Paper-I and Paper-II). Candidates who seek to teach 1 to 5 classes will be required to complete a paper, I. Candidates who want to become a teacher for six to eight classes will take Paper-II. An applicant has the option of attending both papers (classes one to five and classes six to eight).

The APTET exam is highly recommended for any candidate who wants to upgrade themselves and enhance their career in the field of teaching. It opens many opportunities for the candidate, preparing them for high-ranking positions like Headmaster. 

Moreover, you become eligible for a position in prestigious private and government institutions within your state. Go through the APTET eligibility criteria thoroughly before you proceed to prepare for the examination. Get your hands on resourceful books which cover the APTET syllabus so that you are able to score the desired marks in the Andhra Pradesh Teachers Eligibility Test. 

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