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Types Of Training

Types of Training 
There is a requirement for training in every field, without training no one can succeed. Teachers are also required to be trained properly to teach students in the most effective ways. There are different types of training for TGT teachers. This means that teacher education programs are different for kindergarten, primary, secondary, tertiary, and vocational education needs. There are specific skills and strategies for great training at different levels.

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There is no uniformity in types of training programs across the country for teachers. Programs vary greatly in content and process from state to state. Kindergarten teacher training courses are of different types such as Montessori, Kindergarten, Creche, Pre basic, etc. The minimum qualification for this course is secondary education and the course duration is one year. Many institutions offer training for two years. This training is usually a state-run certificate or diploma course. The training colleges prepare graduate teachers for secondary and high school. This is typically a one-year course that focuses on teaching principles and methodologies, leading to a bachelor’s degree. The minimum qualification for admission is graduation. This course is open to those who have successfully passed the bachelor’s degree exam. Applicants with a Master of Arts or Science degree from M.Ed. qualifications are considered suitable for various administrative positions in SCERT, NIE, and NCERT, as well as faculty nominations in educational institutions and universities. Special training courses are organized to train technical teachers. There are various courses and institutions to train professional teachers. All teachers should be trained to provide the best education to the students. Hope that all teachers have understood different types of training for teachers.

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