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Types of Teaching

There are various types of teaching methods which can be categorized as:

  1. Teaching-centric method: Under this method, there is a one-way flow of information and knowledge. It is from the teacher to the learners. This is also referred to as a close-ended method. Direct instruction is given by the teacher and the student receives the same. The flipped classroom also forms part of this method where the students learn the content at home by reading and watching the information and then solving the problems and tests at school.

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  1. Student-centric method: It is personalized and tailored after understanding the needs of the student. Special care is taken in considering what is best for the student. This type of teaching includes expeditionary based learning where the students are pushed outside the school environment to experience hands-on learning. Also, game-based learning is becoming very popular where the content is created in the form of a game like a quiz, and then such quiz points are credited.
  1. Content-focused method: Under this type of teaching the skills and knowledge to be shared is given utmost importance. The content is carefully checked and analyzed before teaching. This refers to the methods that benefit the teacher and student with the most probable content.
  1. Interactive method: This is one of the types of teaching that refers to a mix of all the three above. Here communication, interaction, and participation are essential between the teacher and student. And an easy flow of information and content is taken care of.

While there are methods available that you can use while teaching, you need to figure out which method suits them best and thus create a better learning experience for the students.

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