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Types of Pedagogy

Pedagogy meaning is an academic discipline that refers to the approach that the educator applies to teach.  The practice and theory of pedagogy differ greatly as they affect the social, cultural, and political contexts differently. General types of pedagogy are:

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Social pedagogy: It focuses on the well-being and social development of the students. The teaching should reflect the same moral education. E.g.communication skills, social skills education, kindness.

Critical pedagogy: It refers to comprehending and deconstructing various life issues and problems. It focuses on pushing the student to dig, and an attempt is made to understand their thoughts and beliefs on a certain topic.

Culturally responsive pedagogy: It helps in comprehending the cultural differences around the student and makes them understand the culturally diverse world we live in. E.g. A teacher might conduct a meeting where the students discuss their mother tongue, their ethnicity, their family traditional habits, etc.

Socratic pedagogy: It pushes the students to look for more knowledge than originally provided to them. This approach makes the student look for more sources and alternatives to discuss and find alternative solutions.

Types of Pedagogy is different from the curriculum as the latter refers to the contents to be taught and the former to the method taken to teach the same.  

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