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Types of Motivation

Motivation refers to a driving force that fuels a person to initiate a certain type of behaviour. There are basically two types of motivation:

Intrinsic motivation: It comes naturally to the individual from within. This type of motivation can also pass as a need. Intrinsic motivation is the internal driving force that makes someone react in a particular way. The biological drives like hunger, sleep, thirst; internal fears, and desires like the fear of rejection and the desire to obtain power are some traits of intrinsic motivation.

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Extrinsic motivation: It originates and exists externally to the individual’s body. Extrinsic motivation creates reward and punishment impact for the doer. Incentive motivation, merits, distinction certificates, promotions, demotions, etc., are some extrinsic motivation traits.

Creative motivation: Many individuals are driven by a creative motive. It originates when someone expresses the need and desire to self-express. Writing a book, competing in a talent show, playing an instrument, etc. are some creative motivation traits.

 Learning motivation: It originates from the desire to learn, understand, and to be able to do something new, like learning a new language, a new set of skills for your job, etc.

There can be many more types of motivation like achievement motivation, attitude motivation, fear and power motivation, etc.

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