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Types of Grammar

Types of Grammar – When we think about grammar, the first thing that comes to our mind is a structural set of rules to understand a particular language. Linguists are quick to point out that there are various types of grammar, or ways of describing and analyzing the structure and functions of language. There are two main types of grammar- Descriptive and prescriptive and the rest follows.

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There is no right or wrong language in descriptive grammar; it refers to the structure of language as it is used by speakers and writers. Including these, there are a few other types of grammar namely, Comparative Grammar – The analysis and comparison of the grammatical structures of related languages. Next comes – Generative grammar which includes the rules determining the structure and interpretation of sentences that are accepted as belonging to the language. Others include, mental grammar, pedagogical grammar, performance grammar, reference grammar, theoretical grammar, traditional grammar, transformational grammar and universal grammar. These types of grammar have different meanings to it. Learning the types of grammar is important for good presentation of language and vocabulary. School students are taught about grammar and correct use of it at the earlier stages of metacognition education. Prescriptive grammar, which is the traditional grammar, tells speakers how to use the language, where to utilize them and what functions they serve. In simple terms, rules of a easiest language governing the sounds, words, sentences and other elements. 

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