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Twenty-first Century Learning

Twenty-first-century learning refers to the set of skills individuals are expected to learn to survive and have a successful life. Twenty-first-century learning skills are hidden in various lessons meaning and chapters that an individual studies in his/her educational years. They are expected to develop them along with their other educational values.

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It is mainly focused on three categories:

  • Learning skills: These skills help the students to adapt to the future work environment.      
  • Literary skills: These skills focus on the ability to comprehend factual texts and information. This helps the students to separate actual real facts from the long list of false ones.
  • Life skills: Considered one of the most important among the lot, life skills focus on individual quality development. This means the development of both the professional and personal life of the individual.

Survival in the twenty-first century requires higher-order thinking skills to solve various life problems, and that’s exactly what twenty-first-century learning focuses on. Education has evolved over the years and now, it is more concentrated and holistic. It focuses on the overall development of an individual and not just on subject knowledge.

Some examples of skills that it focuses on are – social skills, creative thinking, technology literacy, media literacy, collaboration, creativity, leadership, initiative, communication, flexibility, productivity, comprehension, and information literacy.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology