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Tutoring Apps

Tutoring apps are mobile applications that provide online tutoring. In online tutoring, the teaching is through a virtual, and networked environment. The teacher and the student are separated due to their physical locations.

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Through a tutoring app, the organisation delivers tutoring services to the learners. The learner can be a student, a professional, or any other organisation in need of education.

A tutoring app needs to be installed on the device, such as the smartphone, laptop, pc, tab, etc. Some tutoring apps are free and do not ask for a subscription fee. However, most of online tutoring apps ask for a subscription fee according to the duration of the course. Along with the subscription fee, the learner is asked to register with the application, thereby creating a profile of the learner.

This profile tracks all the records, progress, syllabus and curriculum design, tests, and such. Many popular tutoring companies provide their tutoring app as a complimentary gift when registering with them. Thus, the learner can avail the facilities of online teaching from the coaching centre any time and at any place.

For Example – A general walkthrough of the tutoring app includes video lectures, new and syllabus updates, test links, scorecards, lecture timetables, and such. Tutoring apps make e-learning easier and interactive.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology