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Tutorial Meaning

Tutorial Meaning 

There are several meanings to the word tutorial within the space of education itself. One tutorial meaning would be that it is a piece of information, available to the public as either a paid service or for free, in the form of a document, book, video, etc. that helps an individual understand something in a systematic step-by-step manner. The most common form of tutorial in the meaning this is used are Youtube videos. 

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The second tutorial meaning is that it is a class conducted by a tutor or educator for a small group of students. It is this tutorial meaning that is more relevant in the field of education. 

A tutor (who is in charge of a tutorial class) is not a teacher. Their responsibility is quite different from that of an educator in that their job is to oversee the holistic upliftment of the student rather than just their academic education.  

A tutorial is generally tailored to a particular set of students who have their own unique set of problems. They may be created by keeping in mind the specific needs of the students attending the session. Tutors do not necessarily need to have teaching qualifications per se, but most of them do anyway. The main idea behind getting a tutor is to help the students not only with their lessons but also with other factors that are affecting their method of learning. Because of this, a tutorial class generally has less than half of the general number of students. 

A tutorial is also very flexible with their work hours. Since the home tutor focuses on the individual students rather than the entire class, they can time the classes based on the comfort and convenience of the students. Also, another advantage of this system is that the tutor will get immediate feedback if they are not being effective and can change the way they teach according to the student’s ability to understand or follow the lesson.

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