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Tuition is the form of personalized teaching or coaching offered to students for a particular course study at a particular institution. It can also be defined as the amount of extra hours where the learner extends additional hours to gain proficiency in a specific topic or course of study.

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Tuition services are provided by higher teaching professionals like teachers, professors, doctorates or it can also be provided by seniors and other educated people in a specific vertical. The level of learning in tuition increases year after year with every transition to higher levels of education. 

Tuition can be customized and personalized as per the learner’s ability to learn and to cater to their personal needs. The tutor can adjust his/her tutoring methods to make the learner understand as per their capacity and required work areas.

The forms of teaching in tuitions can be through offline mediums which are conducted via face-to-face communication or through online mediums of the internet and virtual learning.

The services are always granted at a fee that is known as a Tuition fee. This fee increases gradually with an increase in the levels of learning in tuitions. 

For example – In a University, professors of the maths department decide to give a 2-hour tuition every day on topics of geometry and trigonometry for the students who scored less than 50% in maths. For this, the university asks for a flat Rs 5000 fee monthly to all the students attending the tuition. 

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