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TT Full Form

TT Full Form

What is TT? What is TT full form? Why is TT important?

These are the commonly asked questions when it comes to TT. But what is TT and what is the TT full form, this article will answer all such questions for the readers. TT stands for teacher training. To become a teacher, one should get ample enough, relevant training and guidance. These training programs cover a wide range of things like teaching skills, subject matter knowledge, microteaching, and likewise.

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A teacher is responsible for a child’s growth and to put their best foot forward teachers need to keep themselves updated as the education system keeps on evolving. Teacher training ensures that the teachers are capable enough to do the same. Here are a few benefits of pursuing a TT or a stress management in Teacher Training program-

1- A teacher training course helps teachers understand the pros and cons in their teaching methodology and gives an opportunity to explore new teaching techniques and multiple new educational avenues backed by modern technology. 

2- The best part of teacher training is that it develops value engagement in teachers that assist them in interacting with different kinds of students at all given points in time and ensure valuable engagement with them. Teachers learn the art of managing students effectively.


1- What is the full form of TT?

Answer- The full form of TT is Teacher Training.

2- What are some good teacher training courses?

Answer- BTC(Basic Training Course) is one of the best teacher training course.

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