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TS PECET or Telangana State Physical Education Common Entrance Test. The test is administered by Mahatma Gandhi University in Nalgonda. This exam is administered once a year at the state level. Applicants have been accepted into B.P.Ed. (Bachelor of Physical Education) and D.P.Ed (Diploma of Physical Education).

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Applicants wishing to participate in this school competition exam must carefully pass the selection criteria and fill out the application within the stipulated time frame. The results of the Ts pecet will be announced after the entrance exam. Applicants can receive a scorecard by entering their ticket number and date of birth into the hall. If more than one candidate has the same score, the rules for determining the score are followed to solve the equality issue. First, the score obtained on the physical ability test is considered. In case of additional ties, points earned on the game skill test are taken into account. If a tie persists, the age of the candidates will be considered. Senior candidates have priority over junior candidates. If a tie persists after all of this, the overall ranking will be assigned. If a candidate passes, the grades will determine whether they are accepted or not. The Ts pecet rating map will be published on the website after the results are announced. Applicants can download the rating card directly from the website. The tier cards will not be sent to applicants. Therefore, candidates must download the ranking map from the website: All the information must be checked from the official site only. 

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