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Translational Research

Translational research refers to the aim of translating results in basic research into results that can help human beings. It is also known as translation research and translational science. The term is mostly used in the context of science and technology. Most likely, translational research is used in medical and biology fields. It can be defined as a subset of applied research. 

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Translational research can solve many problems and can be easily applied in varied fields. In the education field, this is defined as research that can translate concepts to classroom practice. Examples of the application of this research part can be found in education subject association journals. Likewise, this research concept can be extended to other parts like biosciences. Most often this term is used interchangeably with translational medicine or translational science. When compared to basic or applied research, translational research is different. 

Basic research is performed without worrying about the results. The results may help researchers understand nature and its laws. Likewise, applied research refers to the practical application of the theories of sciences. This kind of research is relatively new and most of the territories are still unexplored. However, various research centers are focused on this area. The research can be classified into three different stages, including:

  • Developing treatments and interventions
  • Testing the efficacy of the treatments and interventions
  • Implementation of research for system-based research

It is applied in the study of different diseases. For example, this research question type is used in the study of cancer. Students can learn more about this topic through various learning resources available online and offline.

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