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Transfer Certificate

When a student wishes to leave an institution, he or she receives a Transfer certificate from the in-charge institution. Transfer certificate largely comprises personal information about the student, such as the college’s record of his or her date of birth, academic records, programs studied at the in-charge school, fees, information about the parents, and occupational data.

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This document shows that the student is debt-free and has passed all of the tests for which they were registered. It also functions as a code of ethics. It proves that at any given time, a student is only enrolled in one institution or school. The major purpose is to make sure that a student is only enrolled in one school at a time. It ensures that any debts from the prior organization have been paid off. It also determines how a student behaves. A Transfer Certificate (TC) is required even if the student intends to pursue a master’s degree at the same university. Several online institutes demand a little fee for the transfer and conduct certificate. It is normally signed by the regulating body’s registrar. The reasons must be explained clearly and simply in the format for writing an application for the issue. It is required that the application be written formally.

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