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Transfer Articulation

Transfer articulation, through its agreements known as the transfer agreement, creates a pathway between the institutions to allow a student’s transfer from one educational institution to another.

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This usually happens between the student’s community college, and the four-year course school. This agreement is placed to help the student transfer without much hassle, and have a seamless experience with the transfer.

These transfer articulations are also known as transfer guides, transfer pathways, and transfer agreements. Transfer articulation helps to simplify the extensive paperwork and the tedious process of enrolling in a new educational institution like a college or university.

Many universities and colleges publish and circulate their transfer articulation agreements after carefully reviewing their existing curriculum and instructions; then decide upon the required courses the applicants will have to complete at the community college that will satisfy the requirements of the 4-year college/university.

The articulation agreement specifies the number and names of courses that the students need to complete at the community college. In a different sense, transfer articulation agreements simplify the student’s worry about which course to opt for, as the courses are pre-determined. They also help save the students’ money and time, which is a bonus since the costs of higher education are high.

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